Friday, 30 November 2007

The Eye and Season 3 new Items...

So season 3 started this week, and i immediately rushed to the vendor in Area 52 to purchase a new set of Gloves!

As you can see they give me a nice boost to my Crusader strike (5%)
Lovely Jubbly!!

Last night in The Eye, Void Reaver was kind enough to drop this bad boy for me:

That helm was a serious boost to my AP and Strength but I'm faced with a dilemma!

Replacing both the gloves and the helm has meant I've lost my t4 x2 set bonus:

Is loosing 15% damage bonus on Judgement of Crusader a valid loss in the name of what I've gotten from the above 2 new upgrades??

I guess time will tell...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

My Hit Rating is currently sitting at 117, I've been able to drop all of my + Hit Rating gems now in favour of strength/ap type gems.

Here's a nice arty screenie i grabbed!