Monday, 12 November 2007

Week Off!

Ok yesterday marked the start of my week off raiding!!

I have to make some money this week!

With the onset of the newer daily quests implemented this week in 2.3 I should be in good shape to start making some serious gold.

I've not done any daily quests for a few days - I'm so bored of doing the same thing for an hour twice! I need to find a regular questing buddy for them i think.

But 2.3 will bring in daily quests for instances! This will be good cos at the mo I seem to only be doing the same instances over and over.

Gwindle still needs exalted with Cenarian Expedition so she can buy herself that nice 2h Mace they sell, but its a long grind! I've been doing heroics in there, but really i should do some nice easy normal Steam Vault runs as they are easy peasy! Just need to find a few PuG's and off we go.

Oh and the Darkmoon Faire is gone today! Bugger! I managed to snag some nice gems from there over the weekend but it would appear that quite a few people cottoned onto the fact that they were selling gems super cheap at that vendor. I should have saved the gems rather than sold them then i could have re-sold them again when there were less on the AH from people doing the same thing.

I have found a nice place in Shadowmoon Valley to grind netherweave cloth and Sunfury signets(those Blood Elves are so squishey!!) takes me 5-10 seconds to kill 1 in cat-form, or 20-30 to kill 3 at once in bear form! (Swipe FTW)

Feral is so much more versatile for grinding than anything else I've experienced.

A lot of people say that prot-paladins AOE grinding is quicker...i suppose if the mobs are closely positioned or in an instance, then you can do that, and I've seen a Prot Paladin in our guild gather all of the adds in Black Morass and then get the group to AOE them to death, and its amazing to watch...but for solo'ing its just not mana efficient. You're having to take breaks every time you've cleared up the mobs to regen mana.

Cat-form i just move from one mob to the stops, no pauses, occasionally jumping out of cat-form to throw myself a quick heal, then back to the grind.

I'm going to try to do all my dailies everyday and then spend at least an hour in SMV grinding cloth, signets and gold from the mobs, or flying around picking herbs (which is just dull at 60% flight)

I really look forward to when i can soar at 280% just above the ground, buzzing lower level guys on ground mounts...brrreeeeeeeewwwwwaaaaaaaaarrrr da da da da da da da!!! Damn i wish i had cannons in flight form!!

5000g isn't that much is it..?

Yeah it is! Who am i kidding!!

Maybe when 2.3 hits I'll level my Clown (Warlock) and then that'll help a lot! As he has no money spending profs. (herbalist/skinner)

Oh if anyone can tell me what mobs drop Cobra Scales that would be very help full!

One thing i noticed lately is the price of Primal Shadow has gone up loads on the AH! and i mean a LOT! from about 2-3g a primal to 20/30g! Someone said that Blizzard reduced the drop rate.

Typical really cos i finally find something i need for my Druid and i need 6 Primal Shadows to get it crafted! [Stylin' Purple Hat]

That was something odd as well, that Hat requires some Zhevra Leather from some mobs in the Barrens! Odd!

Anyway enough waffle from me for now!