Thursday, 27 August 2009

Moved to Self Hosting!


Its not quite finished, but I'm eager to start writting again so head on over to :

Update your links :)

See you all there!

Blog Move incoming..

Hey peeps!

Just wanted to let you know that I'm moving from blogger at the moment to Wordpress and Self Hosted!!

New address will be posted in the next couple days!!

Prepare to update your blogger links! :)

Monday, 24 August 2009

Epic Fail = Me!!

Well I'm such a slacker! I've been so busy lately What with raiding and new content and Blizzcon '09 (well watching it anyway) I've forgotten that I was supposed to be blogging!!

Anyway - no empty threats for posting this time! I'll post if i can!

So lets round up the past couple months.

1 - Ulduar 25 Progression - We've had lots of problems with getting enough people together to do 25-mans therefore we're still stuck on Yogg-Saron. Really annoying - we've gotten into phase where you go into the memories rooms.

2 - Trail of the Crusader - I've really enjoyed this new content so far - all the fights are really cool and I like the way you've gotta work for the top end gear! I means Ensida etc have to wait for loot like the rest of us!! ^_^

3 - Argent Tournament - New dailys are awesome, new quests - new items - lots of cool stuff. I got my Argent Charger!

Gotten some interesting acheivements as well!!

Got my 100th Mount!!

And got my 2nd Turtle Mount!!

I'm enjoying the game again - and thing are only looking forward!!

I spent almost all weekend watching Blizzcon as well! (cant wait for my new murloc pet!! haha!)

I cant wait for the Cataclysm! :)