Thursday, 22 November 2007

Hydross again...

Morning readers!

So last night we entered the depths of Serpentshrine Cavern again. I was hoping for Gruul/Magtheridon, so i could have a pop at the t4 shoulders again, but it wasn't to be.

So we cleared trash to Hydross - first 2 pulls i seemed to be made of paper, and died twice. Very annoying.

So then it took 3 or 4 tries to get Hydross down which was very frustrating. Seemed the healers were slacking during the phase transitions and the tanks kept going down. But we got him down eventually.

I won the really cool T5-look-a-like healing helm for my off-spec set!! which is really nice!

We then cleared trash to Lurker, and 1 shotted him! He's a walk in the park really.

In the trash mobs leading up to Hydross 2 Nether Vortex's dropped which i got both of for 20dkp total!

So i was able to upgrade my chest item again!! From Bulwark of Kings to Bulwark of Ancient Kings if my memory serves me correctly!

Just missing 2 red +8 Strength Gems at the moment (put +6 ones in for the time being as i couldn't find a Jewel Crafter to cut my +8 gems that i have ready)

Here are before and after stats - unbuffed of course!



So the strength will go up to 651 and AP 1618 i think...?

As my Hit Rating has gone up 2 points i can nearly drop the last hit rating gem from my shoulders (+4)

Hm i think i got my figures wrong there...

Bah! I'll get the gems in tonight and do another update later!