Tuesday, 13 November 2007

What is Blogging..?

So I've been at this blogging malarkey for a few weeks now, and I'm beginning to ask what it is that I'm waffling on about...

Lots of blogs that I've been reading since i discovered this whole blogging thing are filled with useful information about instances, or raiding tips, or even class help.

All my blog is full of is "What i did last night".

Is it entertaining?

I guess it doesn't matter really. I enjoy writing it and i suppose that's what is interesting really.

And I seem to have a lot of people looking at my blog-site - I'm over 800 visits so far in just a couple of weeks!

Which really surprised me! When i initially got the counter i thought I'd be hard pressed getting to 100 visits!! And here i am getting close to 1,000!!!

So i should ask a question!! Lets make my Blog Interactive!!

Who Enjoys Reading My Adventures in WoW?