Friday, 2 November 2007


So last night i was a bit bored, couldn't face doing my dailys as they're boring alone.

So sat at the start screen and looked at my alts.

I have a 41 lock, a 27 rogue (god i hate his voice - "not enough energy!!" *slap!!!*) a 20 priest(draenai) and an 18 mage that my g/f created but never plays on, abd a 14 horde belf mage.

So i though I'll start another char. Loaded up the create a new player screen and looked through the various options available to me.

There are only 3 shaman in our guild at the moment, 1 rest, 1 enhancement, and 1 elemental.

So i thought I'd have another go at leveling a shaman. (i did have one before to lvl 5 but deleted him)

So then i decided on a male, cos their shoulder armour is huge and looks cool. Picked a face/beard/hair. Bearing in mind I'm on an RP server i cant just call my shaman "SHMNPWNS" or something so i thought about one of my friends in the guild who is a shaman "Sharlarra" and i concocted a back story and gave my shaman a name similar to hers! (don't ask me to say it i cant remember it let alone remember how to spell it!! LOL!)

I started working and soon enough i had my first totem! Im surprised at how powerfull even at low levels shaman are! i got my little guy to lvl 9 before logging off for the evening. But not before I'd sent my "twin sister" Sharalarra a letter!

In it i told her i was glad she had survived the crash, and that I'd heard great stories of her achievements in Outland! I told her that I'd been in a coma after the crash and that i was lucky to be alive! I also said i was going to follow in Fathers footsteps and become a shaman just like her!

Sometimes I'm glad I'm on an RP Server. ok so we're not as driven as pvp servers when it comes to PVE content, but its all good fun really!

So i got Shei to lvl 9 before i logged off, and I'm quite excited! he's now got 3 totems and is doing well!! Its fun! Stoneclaw Totem FTW! Running away from mobs has never been so easy!! he he!

More Shaman progression news later on!