Thursday, 27 December 2007

Oh, One More Thing...

I HATE those elites that run around the netherwing ledge!!!

OMG! Leave me alone already!!!!

And to cap it all off there's no graveyard on the island! So that makes things worse!!!

Netherwing Quests - First Impressions.

Hey everyone!

Hope all are well and have had a wonderful Christmas!

I'm back at work today sadly, but off from tomorrow till the 2nd of January. So its going to be ...


I want my nether drake!!

So lets have a look at the daily quests then...

Gather Nethercite - Collect 40 nethercite ores and hand them in - once per day.

I've just been collecting nethercite whenever I find any full stop! So then i can do it the first thing in the morning and not worry about arguing with other people who are farming the ore.

Gather Nether crystals - Collect 40 Crystals and hand them in - once per day.

This quest is a little more about luck than just gathering things. They're random drops from mobs on the island as far as I've found so far.

Poison the Peons - Poison 12 Peons and kill them!

This quest is rather time consuming for a paladin as you have to go around Shadowmoon valley killing "beasts" all over the place to get there "Fel Glands"

The first time i did this quest i asked in general chat for some advice and a mage was in the area doing it also and did some nice aoe grinding for the glands while i healed him!

Netherwing Eggs - These things are really rare!! Although saying that i found 3 last night in the space of 30 mins (1 collected, 2 dropped from mobs)

It seems blizzard have a sense of humour too - as they put 1 on the peir where those 2 giant elite guys are guarding the netherwing crystal trasporters!

Kill some Netherwing Transporter Dudes - I forget how many you have to kill as it appears I'm not able to do this quest! I don't have any sort of ranged attack that can reach these buggers. If anyone has any advise on how i can pull these sods i would be eternally grateful.

I'm almost friendly having only really done 2 days of quests and even then i didn't do all of them so hopefully tomorrow I'm going to spend a lot of time grinding for crystals and fel glands and eggs!! Bur first i need to get some more bag space!! Or at least manage to empty a bag in the bank so i have somewhere for gems/cloth/trash as my bag space is very limited. I do have a 28 slot mining bag that is very useful indeed. But it cant be used to hold anything other than Ore/bars and motes/primals of fire/earth.

I'm going to try to make exalted before the 1st of Jan! That's my mission! Or at least get as close as i can!

Its going to be hard work, I only wish you could hand in ore more than once per day!! Never mind!

One of the great things about having a fast flying mount is i feel like i should be out there grinding ore!! Like last night - after an hour of grinding rep for netherwing i didn't have much time left before i had to log so i did a couple of laps of nagrand!

I love afk horde's flagged for pvp! Bwahahaaaa!!!

I managed to snag a lot of adamantite ore and even did a little Mote of Fire grinding in the elemental ledge as it was empty!! should have cleared the whole place really but wanted more ore!!

20 Adamantite Bars sell quite nicely!! So I'll be throwing as much time/effort as is needed to get my friend back his 1200g! I'm hoping it wont take me too long! then i can start saving up for Gwindle's epic flight form! I logged her this morning and had to fly somewhere quick.....*yawn* 60% flight speed sucks!!

Then i can start speed-herbing!! LOL!! Farming herbs with a druid is simple! We don't even have to jump out of form to pick the herbs!!!

I just wanna get home and farm!!!

Anyway I'm going to kara tonight - not sure what toon I'll take in...gwindle or fire... I don't really need anything from the badge vendors for firelight so i think I'll take Gwindle as she can upgrade quite a lot of her boomer gear now with gear from the badge vendor!!

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Christmas Comes Early!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

ZOMG I'm so stuffed!! Too much food, and I've managed to snag my mums laptop to do some blogging and maybe get onto WoW later.

Anyway Christmas Eve i was online helping a friend take his alt through Scarlet Monastary.

Someone on the guild was asking for some advise on where to farm some signets/arcane tomes and i told them about the spot I'd found in Shadowmoon Valley. I also commented on how farming there had gotten me very close to getting my epic flyer/training.

Suddenly I got a whisper from one of the guild paladins. He asked how much gold i needed to get my flyer/training.

I told him that i only needed 1200g.

It really does amaze me how generous some people are!

He promptly loaned me the 1200g i needed and followed me to Shadowmoon Valley and i picked out my Swift Purple Griffon!

Wow!! That huge increase in speed is amazing! My friend showed me where to go to pickup the start of the Netherwing quests!!

I flew up to the Netherwing Ledge as fast as i could and got the biggest fright ever when suddenly i was transformed into an orc, and my mount into a netherdrake.

I didn't have much time, so i did a few of the quests before signing off for Christmas!

I took a few screenies but I'm not at home so I'll post them up tomorrow when I'm back!

Anyways enjoy the rest of your day!!

Oh and to Galo - That sword i got was this:

Crystalforged Sword

Monday, 24 December 2007

So close I can almost taste it....

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

So in just 24 short hours we'll all be festively enjoying christmassy food, opening presents and generally having a good time!!

So with Christmas upon us, the raiding schedule is empty so I spent most of the weekend in Shadowmoon Valley!

I've found an awesome place to farm gold, Sunfury Signets, Netherweave cloth, Arcane Tomes, Random Greens, and even a really nice blue item!

So the reason I was living in SMV all weekend was I wanna get my epic flying mount as you know!

On friday night I had 2300g on my banker. I think I did 10/12 hours hard grinding all weekend. When I logged on earlier this morning to check what bits had sold my banker was at just under 4000g!!!

Wowee!!!! Nearly 2000g in 2 days!

It wasn't hard either, just mind numbingly dull, but I put some music on and just ground away!
The place I was farming was where all the Sun Fury Blood Elves are Near the Black Temple. I'd go up the ramp, turn left at the top, then left again at the steps and all the way along the lower balcony to the end. Then I'd fly back to the bottom of the ramp and start again. 1 cycle would take me about 10/15 minutes so the respawn rate is really fast.

One of my guildies helped out as well! He had just completed the Shartul Transporter fight in Orgri'la and got a really nice Paladin Tanking Sword that I'd never seen before (spell damage and shield block value as well)

He linked it guild chat and I whispered him saying that it would be worth a fortune on the AH. He said did I want it!!! I was like OMG! It would help loads in my saving up for my mount, but I said no cos it would have been worth quite a lot!

He insisted and said he didn't need the money as he had 6500g anyway! (Damn!!!)

So he posted it to me! Then I popped it on the AH, and it sold for nearly 250g!

He's not been online since he gave it to me when I've been on but I will be thanking him a lot!! and will pay him back after I get my mount!

So from a money making point of view i had a very successful couple of days!!

My girlfriend has been playing a little as well over the past year, and recently has managed to get her mage from level 18 to level 24! Over the weekend I got a guildie to take her through Deadmines, Stockade, and Shadowfang Keep. While she didn't get much in the way of XP from these instances I did manage to get a lot of quests completed for her and got her up to 26!

I have tried leveling mages before, but never managed to get past level 15, so its nice to see how over powered mages are at lower levels. It was fun actually! I quite enjoyed having so many different spells to play with on one character.

So with my Flying mount well within my grasp I'm getting excited! Then I can start clawing back the money getting exalted with netherwing and get Gwindle her epic flight form!!

Friday, 21 December 2007

Boomkin Anhiliates Gruul!!!

Oh am i a happy warcrafter this morning!!!

Last night the SSC was cancelled again due to cancellations, so we scraped together a group for Gruuls.

I was standing there logged in as Firelight summoning in people from the stone when i noticed quite a few people were on there alts!


"Hey do you mind if i bring Gwindle my druid?"

"What spec is she?"

"She's feral at the mo, but her best gear is Balance"

"Ok no problem - get her here!!"

So i logged out, logged on as Gwindle quickly ported to SW and respeced to Balance!

The Boomkin was back baby!!!

So off we went!

Cleared Trash to HKM.

We had to reset the 1st try as the mage tank lagged out and died so we went back in - res'd the dead and got him down this time!

Oh look!! T4 Shoulder Token for druids!!!

"Bids for T4 Shoulder token for druids"


No more Bids come in! Woohoo!!!

We go on, and take down gruul on the 2nd attempt also and then go to Ironforge for the Christmas party!

I'll post some pics of that later!! it was proper funny!!!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

I'm Still Impressed...

Morning peeps!

Oh its afternoon!

Afternoon peeps!

So our raid to SSC was cancelled last night :( So we ended up just scraping together a 50% alt run to Karazhan with a few veterans thrown in for good measure.

Both tanks were alts (warrior and paladin) and did amazingly well against all of the bosses.

We only suffered 3 wipes in total on a full complete clear of Karazhan Top to Bottom!

2 of those were at Nightbane, our last boss for the evening. 1 wipe at Prince Malchazaar.

I took Gwindle for all bar the last 2 bosses, and manages to upgrade a couple of my healing items, but lost rolls to other bits that she would have liked. But more importantly she got lots of Badges!

I took Firelight in for the Prince, and Nightbane hoping that Gorehowl might drop, but sadly it didn't.

Its the last 25 man tonight of the year then we're on a Christmas break.

I'm going try and farm my little butt off in the break! Gonna try and start the new year with a new Epic Flying Mount!!

I had to spend an awful lot on Flasks last night and i spent a bit on getting the primal fire's for Firelights new belt, but annoyingly we didn't end up going to SSC :( I do hope we go tonight - i really want that belt!!!

So my mount fund stands at about 2500g so 2700g to go!!

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Amazing Zul'Aman Ownage!!

Hey Peeps!! Christmas is drawing nearer, the days are getting colder and colder!

So last night 10 of the best were picked to raid Zul'Aman!

Surprisingly i was picked!! hehe!!

Originally I was really excited as our enhancement shaman was going too, but pulled out at the last minute. Bah!!

So we all gathered outside and arranges buffs, looting etc etc and got started!

First stop bear boss! BOOM SPLAT! One dead bear, and in time for the reward as well!

Second stop Eagle Boss! BOOM CRACK SPLAT! One dead eagle, and also in time for the reward!

We had a short bio as there was no way we were getting from the eagle to the lynx in time for the bonus.

Third Stop Lynx Boss! BOOM MEEEEOOOWWW SPLAT! One dead Kitty!!

Forth stop Firehawk Boss! BOOM BOOM SPLAT! One dead firehawk!

The firehawk encounter, once the bane of our raiding was taken down with ease! The AOE'ers were awesome!! Grats team! Healing was on top top form too!!

So we entered the final encounter of the evening - Hex-Lord Malacrass.

We had 4 tries on him before we ended for the evening. Our best effort was getting him down to 57% which was pretty good on only our 2nd proper try on him. Its a proper hard fight! I think I'll bring some shadow-res gear next time.

So a good night altogether really!

Didn't get any more gold grinding done, but i have loads on at the AH at the moment so had a few more bits sold which is always good! I think I'm going to try and concentrate on farming Stratholme - it seems to drop nicer stuff!

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The Eye & Rare Potion Recipe's!

Morning Folks!

It seems that Scholomance has become a bit of a gold-mine for me!

Gwindle, my druid, is able to cut through that place like a hot knife through butter. Ok she dies once or twice, but its really not a problem in the larger scheme of things.

Last night the plans for Flask of Supreme Power dropped off Gandling (i think) this sold for over 350g last night!! Wow! I hope i get it again!

Saying that the epic tailoring pattern i got hasnt sold yet even though i remember this going for a lot of gold back in the old days! I guess level 60 epic patterns just arent worth what they used to be.

I also got the Lightforge Bracers off trash in scholo! So i can start running the instance with firelight to try get the helm from gandling - i've not tried it with him that much - if he dies it tends to be quite expensive. I might have to find a level 55-60 healery type to come with me if i go with Firelight - a druid or priest so that if the lightforge drops a paladin wont need on it!! >.<

I suppose i should try and get the key to UBRS - that would make things easier once i need to go in there to get the shoulders that never dropped for me ever in the world - ever!

How I'm going to manage that i don't know...hmmm UBRS could be the real stickler in my plan.

I cant see that it'll be too hard to get a group together for it - but PuG's, as we all know, can be a real pain. I mean 4 or 5 70's should be able to clear out UBRS in 30/40 minutes...i guess i could pester my old-skool buddies who seemed to enjoy our fun last time!! just need to make sure we have a tank or healer with us.

I guess we'll just have to see!

So last night we went to the Eye, i guess the powers that be decided we needed more gear upgrades from TK and SSC before we try Vashj again after the reset tomorrow.

So we went and downed Void Reaver which we one-shot as usual, and for some reason I found myself bidding on the t5 Shoulders that dropped. I didn't win the rogue GL was bidding, and then was outbid himself by one of our fellow paladins who spent 380dkp on them.

I've got over 700 DKP now, so i guess i thought it wouldn't make a huge difference to how much i had left!!

Oh i forgot to mention that a couple of SSC runs ago a nice belt patten dropped from the trash. It just required 2x Nether Vortex, 5x Hardened Adamantite Bars, and 10x Primal Fire.

Red Belt of Battle
Waist Plate
904 Armor
+41 Strength
+21 Stamina
Blue Socket
Yellow Socket
Socket Bonus: +3 Critical Strike Rating

Equip: Improves Hit Rating by 14.
Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 24.

I've started gathering the mats for this - and the guy who has the plans already has 1 nether vortex. Just need 1 more!

When i get this it makes my Hit rating experiment that much more easier. Obviously I'll then only need the T5 Leggings, and not the Talisman from Leotheras. But I'm not taking any chances with regards to the talisman. It would be the last blue item i need to replace with an epic! Thus far though its not dropped. As for the T5 legs - as we've only downed Karathress once and both items were tank related and were passed onto the tanks at 100dkp each it means i have to be lucky and be able to out bid someone for them. I've gotten enough dkp so far for them so we'll see!! knowing my luck in the one run we do to Leo and Karathress all 3 items i want from them will drop.....(3rd item being Worldbreaker)

Monday, 17 December 2007

Oh i forgot... mention...

Heroic Arcatraz Story...

So Sunday the Heroic daily was heroic arca... and one of the guys in g/chat was like:

"LF2M DPS 4 Heroic Arca"

So i quickly replied and was invited into the group....

I grabbed the daily quest and the Tenacity Quest from the dude in the centre of Shattrath. As I'm eager to get that "Champion of the Naaru" title!

Anyway off we went.

Started clearing trash, all seemed ok. Then we started the wipe-fest on the first boss.
6 Wipes in total before we decided to skip the sonofa. We tried everything to get past him. I even donned my healing gear and tried to help healing the party while the main paladin-healer healed the tank, but that didn't help.

So anyway onto the next bosses a few wipes on the way - it was the void thingys that got us twice.. Neither of us could understand what the problem was. Anyway the 2 demon bosses went down nice and easy first time which filled us with hope again. This was short lived.

The demon hunter dudes were a real pain for some reason. Not the big elemental ones as we had feared, the other ones!!

So we get to the last boss - timer is 3.5 hours inside the instance so far!! /facepalm

The hunter in the group decides after the first try that he has to go out to the shops before they close so we replace him with a warlock from the guild and the boss goes down no problems.

4 hours.

FOUR! Inside Arca of all places!

I'm NEVER going back there again! EVER!!!!

Oh on a side note, the guild managed to take Fathom Lord Karathress last night and had a couple of tries on Lady Vashj as well!

Grats all!!


Hey people!

Hope you all had a good weekend and managed to get all your Christmas shopping done ahead of Christmas next week!!

I imagine shopping is going to be hectic this coming weekend!! I just gotta get 1 or 2 last bits on Saturday. Nightmare!!!

Anyways 2 nights of Zul'Aman were all we managed over the weekend. Although a raid went to SSC last night, but i was not playing last night (I watched 300 instead!! Wow cool film!)

Friday Nights ZA was a pain. We missed the first timer by 2 minutes due to having to restart the encounter, but got him down.

Again the same happened with the eagle boss but we got him in the end.

We then tried the Lynx boss a few times before calling it a night.

On Saturday we were meant to do Kara, but ended up in ZA again.

We did better this time, and cleared Bear, Eagle, Firehawk and Lynx Bosses, and had 3 tries at the Hex-Lord.

Wow that's one of the hardest most annoying fights I've ever had to endure.

The Hex-Lord (ha!) has 4 adds that are very easy to CC or kill. We chose to kill the snake and the demon and left the ghost shackled and the ogre sheeped.

The Hex-Lord will randomly take on the best abilities of random members of the group and use them against you.

There were 4 paladins in the group so he was using consecrate a lot, and boy it ticks HARD.

We had a few tries and then gave up.

After the raid group disbanded i logged over to Gwindle and grouped with one of the paladins in the group and went into ZA to get a couple of quests done!! Got her the 20 slotter and completed the examine the platforms quest!

While i was in there (in my own raid group) one of the priests in the party was showing around some friends in a completely different raid group! I didn't know you could have 2 different raid groups in the same instance at once!! Wierd!

I've started farming Scholo and Strat with gwindle to get cloth, random blue items, and Large Brilliant shards. She has a much easier time in there than firelight does.

I managed to clear all of Scholomance! The Gandling fight was rather amusing as i was alone! He kept teleporting me into random rooms then running in! thankfully the mobs that spawn when he teleports you are non-elites and i was able to swipe them dead pretty quick, but i got him down! A nice epic tailoring plan dropped! Popped that on the AH - should sell for about 100g or so!

I'm pretty much half way to getting my epic flyer!! 2500g!! woohoo!! I'm going to continue doing scholo runs to get Large Brilliant Shards - they sell for 7-10g a peice and scholo gives me 10 or so, not to mention the cloth that drops, and the random BoE blues! This can be a hard work at times, but its worth it provided i manage to sell the items ok!

Plus Gandling in Scholo, and Forresten in Strat can sometimes have the winter veil hat!! me want!!

So not long before i get my mount! I'm double excited!!

Then i have to start all over again to get Gwindle her epic flying form! But that will be more fun!

Friday, 14 December 2007

Double Update!

Hey guys'n'gals!

Sorry for the lack of update yesterday the nasty network admins have managed to limit my blog fun to just being able to read and not write.

I'm looking into moving the site, but might not bother...

Anyway lets do a quick overview of the last couple of days raiding!!

Wednesday Night!

We hit SSC Running hard!

Hydross went down in our fastest ever time, 1st shot too!

Lurker is also a pussy cat! Down he went!

Then we portaled back to Shatt and flew to gruuls and too him and the high king down as well!

4 bosses in 3 hours! Brilliant!

Last night we one shotted Leotheras, but the stingy git didn't drop my talisman! Doh!

We had planned on going to see Karathress, but our Shaman was stuck at work. We need more shamans in the guild!

So we had 3 tries on morogrim and something wasnt working for us for some reason!
We like taking him from the other side of the room as you enter from the main chamber so someone will always pull him by mistake when we're walking past him to the other corridor.
Last night 3 people pulled him and got 1 shotted! It was rather funny!!

Anyway that'll have to do for now! I have to go get ready for work!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

142 Hit Rating.....Closer than I thought...

Morning Fellow Blog People!

So i did a little bit of research last night and i didn't have to look very far to find what i wanted.

Current Hit Rating: 117

Leotheras the Blind - Serpentshrine Cavern.

Tsunami Talisman
Requires Level 70

Equip: Improves hit rating by 10.
Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 38.
Equip: Chance on critical hit to increase your
attack power by 340 for 10 secs.

That's a lovely 10 hit rating for me - and replacing the last blue item i have in my DPS Gear.

Current Hit Rating: 127

That means i only need another 15 Hit Rating!!!

Fathom Lord Karathress - Serpentshrine Cavern.

Crystalforge Greaves
Legs Plate
1459 Armor
+40 Strength
+27 Agility
+42 Stamina
+23 Intellect
Yellow Socket
Socket Bonus: +2 Strength
Equip: Increases hit rating by 21.
Equip: Increases damage and healing done by
magical spells and affects by 44.

There it is!! +21 Hit Rating!

Total Hit rating 148!!

So this week i really want to kill Karathress!! and i really want that talisman to drop! and i imagine I'll be fighting the rogues and other paladins for the trinket and legs.

But i have 530 DKP saved up so far, and we have some more raids to go before we get to them. So with any luck the other guys in the raid will blow their DKP on something else other than stuff i want!!

Did our teams arena matches last night. It wasn't good! We need to do more than 10 matches a week to get to learn what each of us needs to do, and how to work together as a team.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

50 posts!!

Just realised my last blog entry was my 50th!!!

Grats to me!!!

Fathom Lord Karathress

Good Morning everyone! Brrrrr its cold today! -1 Degree C today on the way to work.

So Serpentshrine Cavern last night! Hydross, Lurker, Leothras the Blind, and Morogrim Tidewalker were all down, so we ran to FLK's area, cleared the few Bog Lord dudes there and proceeded with our evening of practising/wiping.

Its a pretty difficult encounter to say the least.

FLK has 3 guards who stand with him in his room.

All 4 of the guys are fairly straightforward tank and spank but have a few annoying abilities that are there to put the raid to one of the hardest tests we've had to date.

Guard 1 - Shaman

This guy hits hard, and fast, and drops totems. One of which is called a Spitfire Totem.

Basically this totem is a real real pain. All of the DPS have to nuke this totem that has about 25k health asap because it "spits" fire balls at everyone in range of it.

So everyone has to create a macro that targets the totem so you can switch targets quicker to nuke it down.

Once he's down FLK will inherit the shaman's spitfire totem. This means the guy tanking FLK will have to move him every time he drops a totem. Which i can only imagine is a nightmare for the tank and even more of a pain for the healers healing him. Also the tank on FLK will have to steal more healers from the raid group to keep him up.

Guard 2 - Hunter

I'm not 100% sure what abilities this guy does, apart from the fact that he has a pet he summons who hits hard. Our paladin tank who was on the hunter was consecrating to aggro the pet so he didn't run amok.

FLK will inherit something from this guy when he dies as well.

Guard 3 - Healer

This woman has a heal that has to be constantly interrupted or she will heal the other 3. She also does an AOE Ice block that freezes anyone in melee range for a couple of seconds. She does frost bolts that hurt a lot too.

Fathom Lord Karathress.

This guy now has 3 of the abilities from the guards and on our best attempt we got him down to 14% before he enraged. So close!!

His main ability is he randomly targets a member of the raid and fires a really big shadow bolt that hits for 5-6k Ouch!

So our best try we had was getting Karathress to 14% before he enraged.

I think we had 6 or 7 tries on him. Then ended the raid.

I was hoping we'd go back tonight to finish him off, but its not happening.

His time will come....and i have a feeling it'll be soon....

Monday, 10 December 2007

Mission Impossible?

In a recent email to Rohan at Blessing of Kings I suggessted to him that i might try and get my hit rating up to 142. so i could free up the 8 points in Protection and use them elsewhere in the Retribution tree, or even in the Holy tree to get Divine Intellect.

Currently i'm sitting at 117 hit rating meaning i need to find something that will give me 25 hit rating. I dont want to do it with gems if possible so its going to have to be gear related.

I'm going to list what items i have in my dps set that have hit rating and work from there by looking at PvE Loot tables to see what i can snag in order to accomplish...

Watch this space...

Zul'Aman Awesomeness!

Hey peeps! Hope you all had a good weekend!

Friday night the Guild split into 2 groups and entered Zul'Aman!

I was in group 2 and had to wait a out MT was late, so we had to find an alternative tank and an alternative healer as one of the paladins was missing as well.

So we got the Guild Main Tank for 25 mans!! But he was spec'd for pvp, so was only able to be off tank. So that meant we had a Paladin Main Tank!! Awesome!!

We entered ZA almost 40 mins after group 1.

They had already failed the first challenge by 2 minutes and were on there way to the Eagle boss.

We entered, cleared trash and started the bear event in time, and got him down first time! This was my first try at this boss as previously I joined the raid group on the 2nd day. So that was a guild first!

We then had 15 mins to clear the gauntlet to the Eagle boss, and wiped right at the end as we'd pulled the last guy on the gauntlet too early, so we quickly ran back and started the gauntlet again, but missed out by a few seconds....damn!

But Eagle boss went down first time.

On to the Lynx boss. This was my first time seeing him as well. This was a pretty interesting fight, but we got him on the 2nd attempt.

Then we moved onto clearing to the dragonhawk boss. That in itself is crazy-go-nuts!!

Eventually we got to dragonhawk boss and started the wipe-fest!

In the mean time Group 1 were still stuck at the eagle boss - i think they'd tried it like 6 times when our MT swapped over to the other vent channel to offer some guidance.

We managed to figure out a good way of working the dragonhawk boss, but killing one of the hatchers, while the tank moved the boss to the other side where the living hatcher would start hatching eggs. We were trying to let no more than 7 out at a time.

Then the tank would move him to the other side to try and keep some symmetry to how many eggs were hatched at the end.

After the 6 or 7th reset of the encounter (We were resetting if we lost more than 2 people on an attempt) we got him down!!

Our raid leader Kuta went banana's and deafened most of the raid with his screaming!! We were all so relieved to have gotten him down! Another Guild First!

Saturday was my sisters birthday party, and i spent the day on Sunday with my girlfriend not really doing very much WoW related.

I did manage to sell my "Bracers of the Green Fortress" for 650g in the end. So my banker is up to 1700g now! so I'm getting close!!

I'm going to farm as much as possible to make another set and see if i can sell those too. I'm going to sell maybe 1 more set i think. Using badges to buy a Primal Nether is a little silly...though i have no other use for the badges at the moment... So i might as well! One at a time though - I'll not over farm or over saturate the market with them.

That means I'll only need to make another 5 or 6 sets of bracers to get enough money for my mount...not including selling any of the other stuff that i get while farming, so i could only need to craft 4 sets minimum maybe...We'll see!

The guild have cleared to Fathom Lord Karathress in SSC this week so we should go there tonight...fingers crossed we can get him down! Lets hope we have a shaman in the group to help out with the encounter.

Friday, 7 December 2007


Having just read a post over at Gitr Knows WoW i thought I'd do my own version of his post!!

So lets start with;


Firelight is my main, my first Character i created on Steamwheedle Cartel.
He's a raiding retribution Paladin in the guild and he's awesome!

But you knew that already right?

Current Stats:
Strength: 704
Attack Power: 1724
Critical Strike: 30.89%
Hit Rating: 10.42% (including 3% from talents)


Gwindle was my 3rd toon to be created on SWC and my 2nd toon to get to 70. I leveled her 1-45 Feral, then switched to Balance cos i think boomers are awesome! She joined a raid guild before Firelight joined rage, who were just starting Kara, so she has lots of lovely karazhan epics for all 3 of her tree's: Balance, Resto and Feral.

Currently she seems to be jumping around from one spec to another to help out where needed either as a tank or healer.
I moved her out of the kara-raid guild and into a few weeks after Firelight joined

She doesn't raid much any more - except for helping alts in Kara. Maybe one day she'll get into Gruul's but i dint see it happening...

No stats at the mo as the armory still thinks she's resto when i respec'd her last night.


This is my 41 warlock - He was my first ever WoW character. He was born on a PvP server and when he got to level 29 My friend invited my to join him on Steamwheedle Cartel instead. Hence Firelight was born. Earlier this year i transferred Starslayer over to SWC at level 29 and played with him very little. About a month ago i got him from level 31 to 41 in a few days (pre 2.3!!) and got him is free mount!

He's demo spec at the moment and its quite fun actually, but I don't have a lot of time at the moment.... maybe I'll concentrate on him during the xmas break.

Current Stats:

Spell Damage: 76
Shadow Spell Damage: 94
Fire Spell Damage: 114
Spell Crit: 5.23%


My level 27 Gnome combat sword Rogue, and my 1st alt built after Firelight, and before Gwindle!
I built this little guy when i was in Righteous Fury many many moons ago. (RF was my first guild on the server, and housed Fire, Poo, Starslayer, and Gwindle before i started raiding)

I'd seen a fellow guildies level 60 gnome rogue and thought she was cute and really powerful too!

So off to the start screen and created Poobah! (No I'd never done the quest in STV to release Princess Poobah, so didn't realise there was already an NPC with the name! DOH!)

After about 20 levels of "Not enough energy" or "I cant do that yet" i got quite annoyed with his pesky little voice and shelved him! Occasionally pulling him out to help out with an instance or to be run through an instance by a higher level guildie.

Of all my toons Poo is the one I'll probably end up deleting in favour of another new toon unless i can get over his annoying voice!!! Perhaps I'll just keep the name...even though it does seem very gnomish...


Edam is my Girlfriends mage! She's plays on her sometimes when I'm at work and has recently gotten her to level 21! She did 2 whole levels in a day! Which is quite an achievement for my girlfriend! lol!


Tigbits (don't laugh!!) is my level 1 night elf banker that lives in Ironforge!
She wears a black dress and a brewfest hat which she loves!
She's the money maker in my crew!


My level 13 Blood Elf Mage who lives in a friends guild . Zygomatic who is in the guild was in WPL once a long long time ago and and i helped her out once on Firelight when she was being ganked by some undeads!!

Since then we've always chatted when she's logged onto alliance side to check the AH, and i to her when I've been playing on my one and only Horde toon!


My level 21 Draenai Priest! She's holy at the mo and is being main healer for DM runs. Her Racials are amazing but i don't play on her very much!


My level 13 Dreanai Shaman. He doenst do much - its the 3rd time i've tried to level a shaman (first was tauren, 2nd Draenai - both deleted)
He's got high JC for his level. I guess some day i might level him, but we'll see.... The call of Windfury totem calls me in my sleep...but without firelight there it seems kinda pointless!!

So that's my 9 Toons on Steamwheedle Cartel. I've left a space for a Death Knight, and when i get to 80 and create my DK I'll transfer Firelights name to his...i want Firelight to be a Deathknight...its been a dream of mine to follow in the footsteps of Arthas for a long least this way i can do it. What will i call Firelight? i don't know...time will tell!! Maybe Poobah!!


Hey people!

Last night i resigned myself to an evening of farming as much as i could to try and get these bracers made and get them on the AH before the weekend.

So I logged Gwindle, ported to Stormwind and respec'ed Feral.

I then went to Skettis, picked up my daily quests for up there, and then started killing those tree giants. I managed to down 3 no problem before 2 warlocks appeared (1 horde, 1 alliance) and were obviously looking for the same thing.

While these tree's drop herbs and motes of life when you "skin" them they take about 5 minutes to kill one. I decided this too much work for what little they dropped so i asked on Guildchat where was a good place to farm motes of life.

Stupidly I'd completely forgotten about the Dead Mire in Zangarmarsh! The Bog Giants there die in about 3 seconds in cat form, or in about 1 minute i can down 3 at once in bear form with swipe.

Then occasionally I'd get a free one to skin if someone was killing them for a quest. I did this for about an hour, many herbs dropped, loads of vendor trash and just over 107 motes of life.

That's 10 Primal Lifes out of 20. I posted all the mats to my banker, and then put all the herbs/green items on the AH and bought 3 motes of life so then i only needed 9 more Primal Life.

I logged over to Firelight grabbed my 28 slot mining bag and looked at my map...

Where's going to be the best place to farm...

Gatherer seemed to say that Nagrand was the best place so off i went i farmed enough ore to make 4 hardened Adamantite.

I got lucky and found 3 or 4 Khorium veins too! They sell for a lot on the AH!!

One of my friends on the server asked if i could help out with the ring of blood quest so i said i would. So i flew up there, and the group gathered. They had a ful group, but i offered to stand outside and help where i could.

Then i got a whisper from the Raid Leader that someone had dc'd and they needed me in SSC to help out with leotheras.

I made my apologies and flew over the mountain into Zangarmarsh.

We had 2 tries on Leo, but were missing our lead Main Tank, and there were some new guys in the raid group too, so even though the tries were really good we just lacked something to get him down. quite annoying really.

So raid was over, I picked up 17dkp for my effort which was nice!

I then popped to Ironforge to purchase the last few bits i needed to craft those bracers as i couldn't be bothered to farm the last few bits. Managed to gather the rest of the mats for just 180g. I had a Primal Nether in the bank already which was nice.

I popped the bracers on the ah for 850g start bid, and 900g Buy Out.

It hadn't sold over night, but its going to be on the AH over the weekend so maybe I'll get lucky - I'll advertise them in the trade channel where i can.

Fingers Crossed!!!

If this doesnt work for me then I'm just going to have to stick with farming ore and herbs and see how long it takes me to get to 5000g. My banker is sitting at 700-800g after i spent a bit on those bracers, so i'm really hoping these bracers sell. They don't seem to go up on the AH very often, which makes me worry that they're not very good. I wonder if i should have crafted something else instead with all those mats!! >.< class="blsp-spelling-corrected" id="SPELLING_ERROR_0">I'm not going to start double guess myself yet!! If I have to sell them for 500g or something then fine! its 320g for a primal nether and some mats i farmed....

I wish i had some more plans for stuff that was actually desirable!!

I'm desperate to get that mount! So I'm going get my nose to the grind stone and farm and stop complaining how i don't have any money!!

Farming = Money!

Farming = Time!

Farming = Boring!

Farming = Slow at 60% flying mount speed.

For Farming to consume less time i need my epic flyer.

Therefore I really do NEED my epic flyer!

Because once I've got it on Firelight i have to do the same for Gwindle!

For Starslayer I'm not going to be spending any money on his professions as he's skinner/herbalist so that's free to level! So therefore he should have enough money when he gets to 70 to just buy his epic flyer. Obviously he'll need to have 6000g cos he'd have to buy the 60% mount speed first. Ouch!

Lets see how much i can sell those bracers for first. if it ends up being 500-600g then I'll buy some more Primal Nethers and go farming properly this time and not be impatient.

I really hope those bracers sell!!!

Thursday, 6 December 2007

The Eye and Serpentshrine Cavern in One Night!!

Morning everyone!

As the title suggests Rage ventured into TK:The Eye and Serpentshrine Cavern in 1 evening!

First we went to the Eye, and took down Loot Reaver.

This was a really frustrating encounter for me personally as the melee group had been assigned one of the groups priests to heal us. Well when i say us...actually i mean she had been assigned to heal the Raid Leader Rogue in the group, and occasionally throw a couple of HoT's on the rest of the surprise surprise we were all dead apart from the rogue at the end of the encounter...Not before we had reset the encounter twice due to the fact that the melee group were mostly having to run out of range of the pounding to heal up and were getting targeted by his arcane bomb things. (PS i love Deadly Boss Mods warning mechanism if you get targeted!! You get the Big Bad Wolf from the opera event in kara shouting "Run away little girl, run away!!" It scared the poop outta me when i first heard it!!)

Basically when we reset the 2nd time the rogue who was getting healed made a point of shouting at the melee group and saying "Don't leave melee range or you kill people - stand there and take it" So i did.... I think i must have done about 20k damage on Void Reaver in total on the 3rd attempt when we killed him, because i was healing myself the whole time till i ran out of mana then funnily enough i died.

So once we had him down, and the melee team were dead, apart from the rogue, i whispered the priest CL, and explained what had happened after i had spoken to the rest of the melee team who had died and confirmed that they didn't get any heals either. He said he'd speak to the priest and i heard nothing more from then...It was highly annoying..i wish we'd had a paladin healing our group instead - so much better at this sort of damage.

Next week when we go I'll make sure we have a paladin healing...

Anyway we then moved to SSC and took down Hydross on the 2nd attempt, after we had some bad luck on the first try with 2 lots of adds coming.

We took him down in little over 6 minutes which was amazing - he seemed to go down really fast!

I love it when encounters go a bit hectic in the last 5-10% of the fight!! when either 1 or 2 of the tanks have died then it becomes a race to do as much dps as you can while he goes around the group 1 shotting everyone! But we got him none-the-less!!

I decided in the shower tonight that i was going to farm the mats for some epic tanking bracers i can craft and spend some of my badges on Primal Nethers to craft the mats - they seem to go for about 800-1000g for a set. so if i can craft like 5 i should get my money for my epic flyer pretty soon! i just need to farm the mats:

[Bracers of the Green Fortress]
Binds when equipped
Wrist Plate
581 Armor
+39 Stamina
Equip: Increases defense rating by 17.
Equip: Increases your dodge rating by 10.

20x [Primal Life] <---- That's gonna be a lot of grinding with my herbalist....
6x [Hardened Adamantite Bar] <---Not so much of a problem.
1x [Primal Nether] <--- Will buy these with Badges of Justice.

Although that is a lot of primal life's i think its do able to craft 3 or 4 sets of these if i just knuckle down and farm what i need....i see these bracers as my ticket to my epic flight on both of my 70's.

Once i find a nice place to farm the Primal Life then I'm set - i know you get 4 or 5 mote of life's from the tree giants in skettis - so i guess I'll switch Gwindle back to feral and go farming. If i can find someone to help me - i can offer them the herbs if i get the life's....

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

More Teir 4!

So last night we manages to scrape together enough people for a quick trip to Gruul's and Magtheridons.

Was a bit touch and go for a while as the raid had only been put up the night before on the forum and was lacking about 15 sign ups..but we took some new guys who had joined the guild recently.

While we were waiting i was on vent, and there was a new guy on there who had a draenai paladin who'd joined a couple of days ago. We were sat in Ironforge and we were just chatting about who he was, and how he'd been a member of Dragonslayers (one of the best raid guilds pre-tbc on our server) but had quit and now was back with this paladin. Suddenly he said on vent "dude you're a paladin!!" "I thought you were a warrior then i checked your gear and wondered why a warrior was wearing paladin gear with his warrior stuff!"

We laughed together, it was quite amusing!! Then he asked me what my holy crit was in my healing gear!! LOL!! I think he was surprised that there was a retribution paladin in a raid guild!!

Anyway off we went to Gruuls first, 2 shotted HKM, as the mage died early on. T4 Shoulder token finally dropped and i was only person bidding! so got em for 7dkp! Cheap!

Then we 2 shot gruul, first attempt gruul decided he'd had enough and killed 3 of our tank classes then me, then went on a rampage!! The last remaining Druid tank was somehow kept alive when gruul was at 20 enlarge's almost!! was amazing to watch how SSC/TK Healers are able to heal through so much damage from Gruul with relative ease!

Anyway 2nd attempt and he was down.

We moved to Magtheridon had a few attempts at him the gave up, we were missing 2 or 3 warlocks and had some disconnect problems including myself, which was really frustrating as i DC'd just as i was running over to click the cube i was assigned to...i was like:

Logged back in to a dead upsetting!

Anyway my new 3v3 team then formed up and did some rated matches it ended with us winning 6, and loosing 8. But our mage joined in late so the majority of matches were played with 2 pallies and a warrior which was ok, but we came up against some really good groups.
We ended on 1450 or so rating which wasn't bad as we'd lost more than we'd won - i think it will take time for the group to get into a rhythm together but i think we'll do well.

I'm going to gem up my new shoulders later and see what i can do with them. Obviously now I'm able to get the x4 set bonus from t4. I'll have to try this out on the next raid and compare how my damage changes to my current setup with all that warrior gear on me..

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Arena 3v3 and Hitman!

Hey peeps! Late post today due to not much going on last night.

3v3 News:

A warrior in our guild asked me a couple of days ago if I'd be interested in forming a 3v3 team with himself, one of the guilds best holy paladins, a really good mage, and myself to see if we can do anything good together...

Well we signed the charter last night and had a couple of skirmish matches, but the warrior was prot, which meant he was really hard to kill, but we seemed to do OK! We won a couple of matches. I think with a bit of time we could do well. The basic team make-up was:

Cooprotta - Holy Paladin. - Will play in all matches.
Kyar - Arcane/Frost Mage. - Will play in all matches.

and then:

Me: Retribution Paladin
Xario - DPS warrior.

The two of us will swap out to get the matches played .
(the warrior and mage will respec for matches when we do them at the weekends)

The only other 3v3 I've tried was with a holy priest and a warlock. And we did OK, but this should be an interesting combination - even if we stay around the 1500 rating area it'll be nice to get arena points on a more regular basis.

After we did that I had some dinner then my girlfriend and I went to see Hitman at the cinema.

Not the greatest movie I've ever seen, but I'm a fan of the game so was keen to see it. The plot was fairly week, seemed to follow the last game a little bit in that 47 had been set up by the agency and spent the movie trying to figure out why he had been set up.

Fighting choreography was pretty good, the sword fighting scene was really well done and very intense! Was interesting to see in the credits Vin Diesel was listed as the executive producer!

I recommend you go see the film if you're a fan of the games, there are lots of bits where you're made to feel like you're in the game walking behind 47 down a corridor, and there's even a cameo of the game itself that made me chuckle!

Anyways we're trying to organise a trip to gruul/magtheridon tonight - but sign ups are sparse at the moment. Seems a shame really, cos not very many people are interested in going any more. We'll see what happens anyway.

On a side note, my banker has made almost 1000g from the AH!! She's doing me proud! So only 4000g to go! *rolls eyes*

Monday, 3 December 2007

Weekend Madness!

What a fun weekend I had!!

Started out a bit crappy though. There had been a lot of cancellations to the ZA 2nd group so i ended up going to kara on my druid who's resto at the moment as healer obviously, which was pretty fun actually - the other 2 healers we had with is were pretty imba, so i didn't do too much in the way of healing, was nice to take a relaxing step back from kara for a change!!

We Cleared Attument, Moroes and Maiden, but we didn't have the right group makeup for the Wizard of Oz opera event so we stopped then.

I then logged onto firelight to try and get through scholo again. I wanted to farm as much Runecloth as possible to get gwindle finally exalted with SW so she could get her Epic Horse mount. I had some trouble with a one of the rooms around Gandling last time i tried to solo the place, so i asked if one of my fellow guildies would like to come along to help out. By the time we finally got there news had spread and we were 4 strong! 1 Lock, 2 Mages and me! We Cleared scholo in about 30/40 mins, then moved onto Stratholme!

We started at the undead side, and did the 45 min run with 20 minutes to spare!! LOL!! And we weren't really going very fast either!

We then moved to the scarlett side, and killed everything there too before calling it a night.

I've decided to try and get my Lightforge set again. Beginning to wish i hadn't vendored what i had to start off with! DOH!

So i have Gloves that my friend gave me, and the belt that dropped on Friday night. Going to try getting the bracers from the AH if they're not too much money, but I'm going to try scholo again anyway cos i wanna get the helm from gandling.

We had a real laugh in there so we've decided to do the same whenever we can! its good money too!

Saturday did my dailies etc and managed to get Firelight into the Kara run for the evening. We cleared all bosses from Opera, and nightbane kindly dropped a very sexy pair of booties for me!

I like replacing epics with even better epics!!

So after that the usual group hooked up for more old world fun! We went to Dire Maul this time, and cleared out all 3 instances. I'd never cleared a tribute run in time before now, so that was cool. What wasn't cool was the crappy loot in the box!!! Just some mana pots and health pots that i nabbed and some food/water. Lame!

I am going to try and get that ogre suit though! that looks like it'll be easy! Another old world objective added to my list of things to do! I wonder if I'll ever be able to get the Soulforge quests reset so i can do them again...Guess I'll have to contact a GM and ask them if its possible!

So last night we went to SSC and took down Leotheras The Blind - 2nd attempt! This guy is a walk in the park now for us it seems! Guess that's farm status then!!

We then had a few tries on Fathom Lord Karathress. We started with the Shaman this time, but due to a severe lack of shamans in the group we gave up and ended the raid for the evening.

My Banker has been very busy the last week or so, and has accumulated a pretty impressive 800g in just a short amount of time! Playing the auctioneer game is quite a good way of making money it seems. Hopefully in a couple of weeks i should be getting close to the 5k that i need to get Firelight his epic flyer! i cannot wait!! I must start farming herbs again actually.

Leveled a couple of my alts over the weekend as well, nothing big, just did a few quests. Its boring questing alone, always good to have help from someone - even if its someone the same level as you - just makes the time go quicker i think.

Anyway i think that's enough waffle for now!