Thursday, 1 November 2007

Evening of Not Muchness...

Morning all!

Another day, another 8 hours stuck at work! Booooo!!! /sigh

So what happened last night? Lots of good things actually!

First off I've discovered a nice little earner!! Spicy Crawdad!

Someone has been selling 20 lots of Spicy Crawdad on the ah at 20g for 20.

I promptly buy them up, and sell them for 9g for 5!! making 16g profit!!

Its not a huge amount, but this morning he had 2x 20 on the ah that i promptly bought up!

I'm slowly getting the hang of the AH game..i should get auctioneer or something i think.

Second, i did my dailys on firelight, and popped to the AH with 400g to spend on making changes to my gear! So i chucked out a load of old gems replacing things with more strength gems where possible to do so without loosing the use of my meta gem (now i think of it...i didn't see if it was still active after I replaced my chest...eek!! If someone could check on the armory to see if its a) up to day, and b) The metagem is still active and let me know!!!)

Third, Heroic Mechanar!

It really does amaze me the level of stupidness of some players in this game...

So there are 2 of my guildies and i, and we're having problems finding DPS of all things!!! DPS!!!

We managed to find a rogue, and a Fury warrior. so we did our summoning, and flew up to the ship.

All of us went into the instance and we're like...

"Are you coming in warrior dude?" (I cant remember his name)
"it wont let me in!!"
"Do you have the heroic key?"
"Heroic Key?"
/kick Warrior dude

Think he must have taken one too many hits to the head! Bear in mind that he was in the Heroic LFG channel for mech!!! *waits for retnoob's Michael to come along and say "i told you so!" about PuG's!*

So the 4 of us decided we'd have a go at starting the instance as we were here whilst we tried to find another dps. (i should point out that most of our guild were in SSC)

So we 4-man the first 4 mobs, 1 robot, and the first 3-man pull, when we find another warrior.

So once we had him summoned off we went!

I've never been in an all melee dps group before! it was interesting to say the least!

DPS warrior was sporting "Despair" 2h epic.

Rogue had full dungeon set, and some epic daggers.

At the end of the run Rogue was on top of the dps meters by a clear 10% then me, and 2% behind me was the warrior. Bear in mind i was off healing for a few of the big robot dudes.

1st boss was interesting, but we didn't die! i managed a 15k burst on him with +200% buff from the charges! quickly followed by a bubble as i drew aggro! :P

So last boss came and was downed. I sacrificed myself towards the end by spamming Consecrate to save the druid tank and healer by drawing aggro of the adds that the boss summons. I fell at around 7% and the others manged to down the boss before anyone else died.
The warrior was spamming his fear, but the Cooldown meant he only hit it twice i think before i carked it.

Anyway the last primal nether dropped i needed for my chest so i quickly hearthed and ran to Iron Forge. Crafted my lovely new chest, and grabbed a load of +8 strength gems and socketed it up! Lovely lovely lovely!!

The use is really cool when you hit it! 1500 health and 150 strength for 15 seconds. Your toon grows in size and appears ghostly in form and he has a light affect at his feet that looks like the effect when you're summoning your paladin charger, or res'ing someone from the dead. Very cool! cant wait to try it out tonight if I'm in the raid!!

So that was all i managed last night, but a pretty good night all in really!

Anyway enough waffle from me for now!