Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Pat on the Back!!

Morning people!!

So off to SSC last night to have another crack at Leotheras The Frustrating!

So this was my first 25 man Raid i'd attended since 2.3 came out!

Pressure was on!

Boy was i surprised! After 2 group of mobs, and a giant bog-lord patrol for some amazing reason i was TOP of the DPS meter! I was getting whispers left, right and centre asking me what i was doing!!! Obviously it helped that there was only 1 rogue, and he seemed to be inflicted with insta-death curse and kept getting 1 shotted on the pull for some reason! Obviously i was in the shaman group as well so had windfury as well! I was running with 2.5k AP before my trinkets popped or my libram. so when i got all my lovely battle buffs i was up to nearly 3.5k AP!

So anyway i was surprised! It didn't last, but i maintained 4th over all which was just brilliant for me! A real boost to my confidence and after the raid i was told that the Raid leaders were VERY happy with my improvements!

So onto Leo!

This was my first visit to this nasty bugger, but all in all He seems very easy once there is a little bit of discipline in the group.

So we started the 1st try - those 3 buggers seem to have some sort of cleave or something cos the rogue/shaman kept getting killed very early on for some reason before leo had entered the fight.

So after the 3 channellers were dead leo enters the fight, and out main tank (a paladin!!) grabbed him, melee had about 5 seconds to quickly run in and hit him a couple of times then run away before he whirlwinded. Dear god he's a loony that guy! Whoosh Whoosh!! At least one person was getting killed during each of his whirlwinds.

Then phase 2 started - our warlock in fire-res gear grabbed him and dps started - he seemed to be much easier to nuke down in demon form.

Then of course its time to face your demons!! First time i didnt get any! Phew! For some reason this was something i was dreading!

Basically in demon form - leo summons 5 demons and they are linked to 5 random people. If you're targeted by one of them only you can kill them.

During the 2nd phase 2 i was tagged. I pulled back from the fight with Leo and BOOM! 6x 4 digit numbers flashed up on the screen and my demon was dead! I was like "WTF!?!?!"

So back to the fight.

At 15% he splits into 2: His demon and his elf forms. The idea is you nuke the hell out of his elf form as its at 15% whereas his demon form is at 100%.

But his elf form is doing whirlwinds all the time, and as we got him to 7% we ran out of time and he enraged! Damn!

Attempt 2:

Same thing again, but at 17% we stopped all dps and waited for him to change to demon form then nuked him to 15% hoping that he wouldn't spawn his 2nd half. But sadly all this did was delay the inevitable enrage that wiped us.

Attempt 3:

Ok so this time we tried again, and I for some reason didn't notice that i had been targeted by my inner demon and had 10 seconds left when i finally did notice :(
So i was MC'd as for some reason i could kill him in time. I then watched helplessly as i started attacking one of our warriors, bubbled and nearly killed him. Then i was nuked.

The raid managed to get leo down to 4% before the wipe. We lost a lot of dps on that attempt. and if more of us had been alive then we might have got him.

It transpired that we some of the ranged dps were not stopping dps when they should be during the phase transitions.

So we res'ed looking at the respawn timers it appeared as though we might have time for 1 more shot. Sadly we had a group of mobs respawn behind us and wiped the raid again! Doh!


Just had time to do a 2 badge Mech run before logging off for the night.

So i think next time we'll get him!

But i was happy because finally I was recognised as a valid dps doer! I shocked quite a few people last night!