Monday, 26 November 2007

Zul'Aman - First Impressions...

Good Morning peeps! I trust you all had a good weekend!

Friday night saw my first trip into Zul'Aman. The first boss had already been cleared the night before, so we went first to the Eagle Boss.

The Gauntlet.

I'm not to sure where i read it, but i was pretty sure that someone said it was possible to crowd control the dude at the start of the gauntlet so he didn't run up the hill and start the event at all...

Now we tried sapping him, but he kept breaking early, and running up, and he wasn't stunnable either...very annoying! But we bought some time at least and were able to down the first 2 mobs then the eagles came...The first time we tried it we got right to the top when the last guy comes, and we lost one too many healers and the tank went down - annoying!

The 2nd time i made an effort to try and CC the eagles so they weren't killing off the casters too soon. This meant Consecrating a lot, chugging a lot of mana potions too!! But it seemed to do the trick - Obviously i had to have a lot of healing with 4/5 birds pecking away at me!!

Anyway we got up there and started the wipe-a-thon! Oh hang on! That was group 2!!! We took him down on our 3rd attempt!

Loot was very disappointing! Only 1 epic, and 1 badge! bah!! An epic caster ring dropped.

So then we started what was easily the most frustrating bit of gaming I've ever had to deal with!! Ever!!

We started clearing to Firehawk boss (is he that? i forget his name!!) Anyway the dude that spawns the 2 guys that crack open some eggs then the sunhawks come.

Anyway what a nightmare! He doesn't seem to take a lot to take down, but the birds cause all sorts of problems.

We went with the option of killing one of the bird dudes, then letting the other open a few eggs.

I was to consecrate in order to get the birds attention, but for some reason they just flew straight past me and i had to run after them. With no aoe attack available to me i just couldn't get them back. Then i died, and we reset the encounter.

2nd attempt i put on some more spell damage gear and it worked better, i used righteous fury as well to get more aggro. This worked but i wasn't kept up long enough as the casters let too many birds out. Then i died and we reset the encounter.

This seemed to go on for 4 or 5 more attempts and people were getting very frustrated.

I think the main thing is someone need to kill the dude cracking open the eggs quicker, but when the shaman and i were doing that we were getting shouted at by the raid leaders, even though i was still doing my job.

Eventually we called it a night and left the area. Very annoying fight that one.

Saturday i spent about 2 hours trying to stealth into Arcatraz normal to get a guildie his key fragment for kara! LOLATHON!!! we would manage to get through past the first boss (i was on gwindle, my druid obviously!) and we kept getting killed by the arcane robot thing that guarded the voidy room - we tried to kill him 4 or 5 times, with varying lack of success. eventually i /w a rogue who was in the area and we manage to get past the robot and get the fragment before one of the voidy's killed the 3 of us!! Would have been quicker to get a proper group into arca!! LOL!!

Then i respec'd Gwindle to resto as we lacked a healer for Black Morass, but it turned out we had to do Durnehold as well as the rogue had never been.

Gwindle proved her worth and healed through it all! I was very proud!!

I also bought Guitar Hero 3 for my PS3 later in the afternoon! This is awesome!! Although I'm very frustrated that Sony have not put the song pack onto the store, as i was desperate to get the Foo Fighters pack!!! Maybe it'll be on there later today!

Last night The guild took their first crack at A'lar in The Eye. they had 4 goes at him then moved onto loot reaver and got him down first time i think.

I wasn't there sadly.