Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Dentists make me Sad!

So last night i was in the dentist chair with 2 pairs of hand poking around my mouth for 3 hours!

No that's not a typo i meant to type THREE!

After i went to my sisters for dinner, then came home around 10pm ish.

So no WoW for me yesterday!

I'm signed up and approved for tonight's raid though! So Probably Gruuls then Magtheridons. Unless we go to SSC again....

I've yet to experience the crazyness of ZA! Although i'm starting to see people with items from there all over the place!

I'm eager to go and check the place out! I've only been into the entrance hall, but there were only 3 of us, so didn't get past the door! Doh! Also i was kinda hoping they would have made Harrison Jones look a little like Indiana Jones!

Anyway I'm signed up for Friday nights trip to ZA so lets see if i get picked!!!

Righto that'll do for now i think!