Thursday, 22 November 2007

World of Warcraft PTR Patch 2.3.2

Just saw a post on BRK and went and had a look at the patch notes here for 2.3.2:

Paladin Changes:

Crusader Strike (Retribution) now causes 110% of weapon damage and no longer gains any bonus from spell damage.

Righteous Fury: This spell will no longer cost twice the listed mana to cast.

Sanctified Judgements (Retribution) now returns 80% of the Seal's mana cost, increased from 50%.


That's a 40% increase in damage in weapon damage for my Crusader Strike! I'm not overly fussed about the loss of the spell damage nonsense as i only have like 100 Spell Damage i think.

Then a Fix to RF - not fussed as I barely ever have to tank - so good news for prot.....i many people activate RF in battle only to think - "holy crap where'd my mana go?"

More mana back from my judgements! Awesome!

Other Changes that I'm interested in:

Blade's Edge Mountains: Players accepting the bombing run quests in Blade's Edge Plateaus will no longer cause other players in the region to stand up.

Do you know I've been wondering when we've been waiting to go into Gruul's and sitting down to eat/drink and i/we have stood up! I was always like WTF!!!

I bet it took blizz ages to figure that out!!


Ravage (All Ranks) - Damage changed from 350% to 385%

Nice! More DPS For Gwindle!

So some small changes, but nice all together!!