Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Small Update.

As there were no raids scheduled for last night the girlfriend and i watched Shrek the Third which was pretty good actually! Quite funny in places!

Anyway after i popped on to my banker to check my auctions etc. I've just started playing with auctioneer and its brilliant!! I've made like 300g in a couple of day just from buying stuff people have listed cheaper than the going rate for them!

Anyway i do a quick "/who rage" to see whats going on as my banker is in a dead guild.

They're in Kara! the buggers!!! I wanted more badges!! Grr!!

So i logged onto Firelight and before I've even said "Hi" on the guild channel I've got the 2 raid leaders /w me asking me to come!!! Hehehe!

They had just cleared maiden and were making there way to Opera.

We got Wizard of Oz again, i don't need/want anything from that even anyway...then onto curator, i got t4 gloves as no-one wanted so I've got 2 parts of t4 tanking set now!!

That's 3 Ret Pieces of t4(helm/hands and legs), and 2 Prot pieces of T4 (gloves and head) now!!


We then one shot Aran, then pop back to Illhoof. Its 12am Servertime - raid over.

10 Badges for 1 hour's work! not bad really!!

I was hoping we'd stay on for a bit longer just to get chess event, and Prince, but I'll have to wait till later this week before i get in there again. (reset was last night - EU are 1 day after the US)

Season 3 of the Arena starts today!!

I wanna get home and buy my s3 gloves!! Grr!! Be a nice upgrade for me i think!

I'm gonna try and do some arena with another ret-paladin that wants to join our guild desperately, we tried a couple of matches last week before i had to raid and it worked really well. 4 stuns are quite a good way of nuking 1 person down while the healer/caster is stun locked!!

Guess i cant chuck my old season 1 gloves away as well then...

I've started collecting my epics that I've replaced so far in the bank!! Pretty sad really!! LOL!