Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Patch Day!

So 2.3 Is out today!!

And where am I? stuck at work till 5pm! Doh!

7 and a half hours of sheer boredom waiting...

Meh I need to stop thinking about it!

Last night i only did a couple of things.

Got myself down to the southern Barrens and started killing Zehvra's.

Eventually got my 4 Zehvra skins, gathered my other mats and found someone to make me my Stylin' Purple hat for Gwindle.

Gwindle is the sexeh lady!! I'll post a pic later!! She's hotness!!

So i quickly pop to the Cenarian Expedition's Quartermaster to grab the head enchant then my arena partner whispers me. He wants to do some more arena on his warrior.

Well what a combo!! We went up 150 points in 12 matches!! Was brilliant!

Azaloth will ride around on his mount and I'll stealth to make out who/what we're up against.

We decide on a target then he'll Run in and start plugging away at the target.

I'll sneak up behind, pounce and start my combo's.

Locks/Rogues are now not the problem i used to think they were! having a warrior doing Mortal Strike on mobs is awesome! no amount of healing is going to save them from a severe beating!

Then I'll throw a few heals if needed, or pop up my Aoe heal which will heal both of us. Usually making me the target of the remaining player.

Awesome I'm really optimistic about the team. But I'm worried that we'll throw away a lot of points when we have to play with the shaman. for some reason he seems to go down really quickly as he's usually seen as the healer. Not really sure. Maybe we'll just do the minimum amount of games with his shaman.

I get really worked up when I'm playing in arena matches!! Usually swearing and beating on my desk! Its quite funny!! And i love it when we win, but the determination that sets in if we loose and both of us wanna get back in the ring and take them out!!

We had a warlock/paladin team last night we got about 4 times in total. I think the warlock was getting really frustrated at being killed within 20 seconds of the fight starting. One fight with them Azaloth was killed at the same time as the lock, and it meant it was just me an a holy paladin. Very annoying! He knew he was going to die so all he did was tickle me with his healing hammer then use Seal of Vengeance on me! LOL! Took me a couple of minutes, but he went down.

That's all i did last night, the 2nd Kara team went back to kara to finish off the last bosses from curator to prince.

I'm going to be doing some of the new dailys tonight and playing around with what my point build on firelight.

Not sure what i wanna go for really. I'm going to be looking at some other retri paladins on the armory and see what they've gone for.