Monday, 19 November 2007

Oops Forgot to Blog!!!

Happy Monday Morning to you all!!!

You're probably wondering where I've been the last few days!! Let me explain!

Wednesday night i got home and got my teeth into the patch finally! Loving some of the new changes so far! The cooking quests are interesting, its good to learn some new stuff, and add some more money to my daily quest intake.

The Heroic dailys are good too, provided they don't want us to go somewhere hard! Black Morass for instance! wow that instance is insane on heroic!

On Thursday i had the day off work, Just spent the day doing odds and sods on WoW, ran a normal arcatraz for the daily quest, which descended into chaos as we seemed to have the most newbish tank I've ever seen in the party! Warriors are allowed to tank more than one mob right? I kept having to switch to bear form(went with gwindle) and tanking 3/4 mobs when the tank couldn't seem to hold aggro for more than about 10 seconds.

Friday i wasn't too well :(

Our landlord refuses to fix the heating in my flat and I've been suffering with a horrid cold for a few weeks now. It was pretty bad on Friday. So I didn't really do very much.

Saturday was brilliant!

An elite group from our guild descended into Karazhan. 3.5 hours later and the whole place was clear!

Every boss!! 22 Badges too! Brilliant! I got hold of Despair, that nice 2h Sword from Romulo and Juliet, which I'm going to put savagery on and see how it fairs against my Hammer of the Naaru. Even without an enchant its got more AP. (+52 strength) but has no stamina or intellect.

I was hoping gorehowl would drop, but i was out of luck!

After my Girlfriend and I went to see Beowulf 3D at the Cinema! Wow! what a stunning movie! It was awesome! Loved every minute! Definitely recommend going to see it!

Yesterday I didn't really get up to much other than doing some Christmas shopping. Dull!