Friday, 9 November 2007

Serpentshrine Cavern? No?

Good morning all! (or evening i suppose to some people!)

So more drama to report on from last nights antics so lets get started!

So raid time came around and we all descended on SSC and entered the instance, ready in front of the first group of mobs...waiting...waiting...

While we were waiting I asked the shaman who I had a run in with the previous night if i was ever going to get my gold back that I'd lent her a few weeks ago to help her get her Flying mount. Well i cant repeat what she said to me lets just say it started with "F" and ended in "Off!" I was not pleased, she basically had a go at me because I'd made her "burn" 230 dkp on the shoulders instead of just letting her have them for 7 dkp like a good paladin. So i told her i bid her up so that i would get the legs if they dropped. She then said that the truth was out. ??? I had already told the raid leaders why I'd done it and that i had a valid reason for bidding.

Due to all that the Management decided to amend the rules of the guild.

"NEW as of 8th Nov: Ungrounded complaints, bad whispers, indirect pressure during bidding for items will result in a -50DKP penalty. Raidleader is supreme if any decisions are to be made that differs from our ordinary DKP-system. "

So there we have it...

So anyway the Raid leaders announced that we would be moving to the Eye in Tempest Keep due to the fact that we were missing some key people for a while.

Wow! Our first trip to the Eye!! Weee!!! Griefing aside i was quite excited!!

So we all flew over and went in and buffed! Man the trash in that place is annoying...

Those effing birds are really really annoying!! Gah!! Silence every 2 seconds...i was just standing around like a lemon most of the time waving my mace every 3.6 seconds and hoping i hit something! We wiped on 1 group of trash, cos the belf in that group didn't come into the hallway for some reason but it didn't hamper our progress!

So entered the first boss room, Al'ar. Wow what a beautiful looking boss! Sadly we weren't attempting him/her/it today we went into the left door way and worked our way to Void Reaver!

The trash in Voidys room is a bit of a pain! I ended up having to heal as the robots were doing a lot of damage to the melee and i kept getting killed!! Was easier for me to just don my Healing gear and keep the melee group up! Worked well! was a bit hectic healing again, not done it since January! But my gear is ace! i scab what i can from kara/gruul so its mostly epics!

Anyway we got all the trash down and it was time for our first crack at VR.

Ok the 1st attempt was messy, a lot of the healers were not moving away from the arcane balls and subsequently we wiped.

2nd attempt we lost 2 of our 3 tanks early on due more ball havok!

3rd attempt.....sweet as a nut! Easy!!

Loot Reaver went down like a stone! Main Tank got t5 shoulders, as per raid rules, and the other set was Hunter/Mage/Warlock the bidding started at 225, and ended at 300 one of our Hunters won so grats to him.

Other loot was a rogue trinket.

On a side note the shaman I've been having problems with logged mid way through trash clearing in the last room before VR. This was right after I'd explained to the Guild Leader what happened yesterday as he was having connection problems most of last night so kept missing parts of what was happening. I found out that no blame was being put on me, i was well within my rights as a raid member to bid on whatever i wanted (provided it was for me in the first place obviously!!)

So a good night for the guild! Not such a good night for me. But happy we tried something new when i was there.

I've got Karazhan tonight i think, I've signed up for both my toons - lets see who gets picked!