Thursday, 29 November 2007

Rising Damp...

What an evening I had...

So i hadn't been chosen for the raid last night, so just took it easy, did some arena, did my dailys as much as i could (be bothered) and the guild were in SSC.

They were clearing the trash to Lurker, and i got a whisper asking me to come help out with lurker as one of the raid members had to leave quickly due to RL problems.

I was right in the middle of solo'ing Scholomance!! LOL!!

I got bored and decided to run over to see if i could now solo the place!

I'd tried some time ago when i first hit 70 and got owned!

This time however was a different story!! I managed to walk in, walk straight past most of the mobs, took rattle gore down, took ras frostwhisper down, and the first of the 6 bosses before headmaster gandling! next time i'll take some more pots with me and water/food!

So i had to hearth out and fly out to Zangarmarsh, and head into SSC.

We quickly took down Lurker, and raid was over! Easy peasy!

That ring dropped that I wanted, I bid up to 25dkp then let the druid have it for 30.

At least I didn't have someone telling me i couldn't bid...

Tonight we head into the Eye, presumably to try A'lar and take void reaver again. I think there was talk of us trying High Astromancer Solarian - but we'll see!!

After the raid was over i logged and powered down my pc...walked into the lounge to play on Guitar Hero 3 for a bit and found that all the walls in my flat were soaking wet.

Damp everywhere, lots of my clothes and items are ruined. Mould is covering a lot of stuff.


I've been on to the landlord and he's going to get a "damp specialist" to come and assess the problem.

Lets see what happens....