Tuesday, 29 April 2008

More Black Temple Goodness!

Hey guys! Another long gap between posts and I've quite a few things to update you guys with.

Firstly Rage took down Teron Gorfiend last night - it was a long night but we got him in the end!

Crappy loot, but it was nice to get him down!

I was really lucky in that not one time was I picked to die and become a ghost! Which was a real relief. I'd played that flash game version of it on the web and still couldnt get my head around it.

On to Archimonde tonight. A fight i'm really looking forward to.

No major upgrades for me, although I've been playing around with my gear trying to lower my crit a bit so i can get more AP/Strength. But its a lot harder than I had originally thought.

I made Exalted with SSO, so i have that nice new neck, but i banked it in favour of something with +STR on it...Not sure if this is a good idea or not.

I wish there was something i could use that could help me compare gear to work out whats best for my dps.

It seems that I've hit a wall when it comes to progression...Upgrades in BT are few and far between at this stage and when i do get them they seem to be fairly small upgrades.

I'm sure when we start seeing more Tier 6 I'll start to see some really nice increases in my dps.

Problem is my gear isn't scaling the same as other classes in the guild, and I feel sometimes somewhat of a burden.

But I still have fun which is what is important, and my raid buffs are required so I'm happy with just being there as a support class, so any DPS i do is a bonus.

In other news I finally managed to get Gwindle her epic flyer, and did the heroic to get her Epic Flight Form - which is really cool btw! If you have a druid and dont have epic flight yet - get to work! Its awesome fun! Gwindle is also a herbalist so has been farming lots of herbs for my alchemist so I'm already starting to make money back so I can get my 3rd 70 his epic flying mount!!

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Zul'aman Cleared.

Hey guys! Hope all are well.

Given the fact that our Main tank was afk for a couple weeks the remaining leaders decided to get some of the new guys geared up.

So last night the guild gathered for a possible 25 man to SSC. Sadly due to cancellations we ended up going to ZA.

2 groups formed and we went in.

Both groups cleared the place. I got some mail boots with ignore armour stats on them, and a mail kilt thing for RP fun! LOL!

I was impressed with our groups pace in there.

We got the first 2 timed rewards, but took a bio and didnt make the 3rd on purpose as we thought we'd have problems with the dragon hawk boss. On the contrary! We got him down first time! and with only 1 AOE do-er!

In fact all bosses went down first time apart from the last as we had some bad luck on the first try, and on the second try it was obvious the new guys needed some practice here. But 3rd time was a charm and he went down!

I was hoping he'd drop the nice 2h Sword to have a play with, but he dropped some crappy caster loot.

So a fun evening was had by all - I love the trash in there - its most fun when one of the group gets MC'd and we have to try and kill them asap!! hehe

Tonight looks like the same thing - I'm going to try to get a Kara run going - i want badges!

ZA is no good for badges - only 13 in 1 run unless you manage to get the quest item from the boss. But even Kara is starting to get a bit boring now. Although I did manage to get the t4 gloves for Gwindle's Feral set which is a real boost to her tanking.

I heard over the weekend that Wrath of the Lich King is in Alpha testing! I'm really excited about this! It means, to me anyway, that getting into Northrend is close and I'm going to be ready with a vengeance to hit that place running and get levelling to 80! I envision that it'll out before christmas at this rate.

The one thing thats going to be really cool is getting into Naxxramas. I've only ever popped my nose into here once and had a quick peek inside! Also deathknights! oooh! I cant wait to get my hands on one of those dudes!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Raiding Break Ahoy!!

Hey guys!

Sadly nothing new to report with regards to raid progress for the last week due to lack of raids!

Rage have Hyjall's first 4 bosses on farm status now which is really good I think. Our progress in there has been a real shock to all of us.

Same applies to our Black Temple Progress as well.

So this brings things up to this week where 2 of our Main tanks are offline for 2 weeks.

The rest of the raid group are doing TK/SSC to gear up a few new people into the guild which is fine. As for me I'm going to take the next 2 weeks to get my Druid, Gwindle, her epic flight form.

I've over half way so far cash wise. 2.4 has really helped me with regards to getting cash. Being able to do 25 Dailys is good, although the most I do on Firelight is 15-20 leaving 5 for Daily heroics and PvP dailys if i have time. Then I'll usually do the Sunwell Isle quests on the other 2 guys. Also i shatter Void Crystals, and Create a Primal Might every day.

This helps a lot! So I should make the 5k required at the weekend hopefully. Then I have to start over to get Starslayer his Epic Flyer! haha!

Our Server is only 45% away from opening the Badge Vendor on the Isle, and about 30% through opening up the Harbour. Our low population means we're moving at a steady, but slow rate compared to other server.

I've loved the new daily quests up there so far. Having the quests so close together is a brilliant idea. I can do all the quests in Outland with Firelight the hop to the Isle, that nets me about 120-150g at the mo, then I log the other 2 70's but they only do the Isle quests. This, including drops/greens/cloth etc, nets me about 500g a day!

So thats pretty lucrative!

Firelight hit Exalted with SSO on friday night so has a sexy new tabard, and a I'm playing with the Necklace that you get from exalted as well.

Thus far I've not been into Heroic Magisters Terrace(MgT) but i'd really like that trinket that drops. Problem is there tends not to be very many groups that want a Melee DPS with no CC.

Oh well....

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Black Temple & PvP Stuffs!

Hey peeps! So Rage entered The Black Temple again last night! Oh boy what an evening!

We took out Shade of Akama on the first try! That was an easy fight! Us melee took down the casters channelling the shade then we all out nuked Shade of Akama. Akama still had 30% health left at the end of the fight.

Then our evening took a turn for the worse....Teron Gorefiend.
This guy is a serious pain the bum! I was lucky and in the 3/4 tries we had on him I was never chosen to become a ghost. But of the people that were there was always 1 person who would manage to let the skeletons through to the raid where they'd start picking off the healers.

Its a tough fight - but fairly straight forward. I think we'll get him next time. Sadly the servers reset over night here so we'll have to fight our way to him again - but I dont think that'll be much of a problem really.

Karl W. Jacobs asked me about my PvP gear in the comments on my last post so here's some screenies of my gear at the moment. This morning i bought the Season 3 Legguards. Awesome!

I'm sitting on 285 Resiliance which is really nice! Closing in on the cap quickly. So Now i have 4x Season 3 and 1x Season 1 peice, and only 1 BG epic. The rest of my gear is from my main PVE DPS set.

I've got 1944 AP, 75 Hit rating, and 29.70% crit in this gear. I'm going to get the +15 Resiliance on chest enchant BTW before you ask - just not gotten round to it yet so that'll push me to 300 Resiliance.

Then I AM going to farm the Battlegrounds this weekend and get enough honor to buy a couple more pieces. Here's my Shopping list:

Boots, Belt, Neck, 2x Rings and 1x Trinket if there is one. I cant remember off hand.

As i have a full arena armour set now I'm going to focus on getting a Season 2 PvP weapon. Or Season 3 if i can find out what arena rating you need to get it.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Hey peeps!! Another reasonably short break between posts, and the guild and I have been busy little bees.
First lets talk about raid progression. Last week Rage cleared to Archimonde and we had 1 try at the big guy before calling it a night. Mount Hyjall seems very easy compared to other raid instances we've been to. The trash is loads of fun, and not like a real pain in the ass like other places.
Here's a pic of me ready to battle Archimonde!
Last night we entered The Black Temple and downed the High Warlord Naj'entus on the first try, and then Supremus on the 3rd attempt. This was so cool - Supremus is a bit like Void Reaver with regards to how easy he is. He has 2 phases:
1 - Tank and Spank - But there needs to be 2 tanks on him at all times as he does a hateful strike similar to gruul where he will take one shot at whoever has the highest heath apart from the main tank.
2 - He will randomly target a player and walk after them and one shot them if they get caught by him. Meanwhile spawning voclano's that will pretty much take out anyone who gets hit by them twice.
And thats it! Pretty simple really. Tonight we're going for Shade of Akama I think - or maybe teron gorefiend? I'm, not sure yet.
In other news, I've joined the Arena Tournament Realm to have a play around with a few things.

I've created Firelight, Gwindle and Starslayer over there and had a play around. Playing with a full season 2 Warlock with a crap load of resiliance and damage gear is amazing fun!
How did they get that dragon in that room?

There are no NPC's apart from these goblins on pedestalls everywhere selling cool stuff!

I dont know if i'll find 2 partners to come over and join me, so if anyone is willing to play with me please contact me in game on Steamwheedle Cartel as i'll be on there more than likely either on Fire, Gwindle, Star, or my new warrior Valleron.

Here's a cool pic of like a million people waiting for the portal to open up in Shattrath for the Sunwell Isle.

Here's a screenie of an Eye of the Storm game. As you can see I own!!

So a lot of news - and some cool pictures for you. I wish i could figure out how to make this come up as full screen when you click on them would be nice so you can see the details..

Anyways thats all for now! Cya later!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

First steps into the Black Temple.

Hey Peeps!

So this week has seen some big changes in the way we raid and where we raid to.

It seems as though from now we'll be doing Mount Hyjal and Black Temple instead of the usual jaunts into SSC/TK that we'd become used to.

So last night we entered the Black Temple for the first time. I was really excited about this, and I didnt care if it was a wipe night. The place was awesome.

Trash clearing to the first boss was fairly straightforward and quite quick. The most annoying thing was the really fast re-spawn rate of the small elementals. But they are not hard to kill.

We had quite a few attempts at the first boss and it was clearly apparent that we were having problems with healing. Our Main Tank was going down fast and hard. But at completly different times. It would appear that if one of his healers was skewered to the ground by the spines he would go down.

Our Healing leader is confident that we had enough healing, but something was going wrong.

The best tries we had were getting him down to 24% and 27%

Here's a brief description of what happens in this fight:

1 - Tank pulls and moves him into the centre of the room.

2 - Everyone should pair up with a member of the raid and be at least 6 feet away from the nearest pair. Deadly boss mods will tell you if you're too close to anyone. This is really difficult if you have too many Melee classes as I think we had last night.

3 - The boss will do AOE frost damage to everyone. Hitting for about 2.5k damage.

4 - The boss will occasionally focus on one member of the raid and fire a spine into their backs pinning them to the ground. That persons partner should loot the spine as fast as possible as every 1 minute or so the boss will....

5 - ...bubble up making him immune and healing himself. Everyone has to get over 8.5k Health really really fast. Then once everyone is healed up the people who looted the spines off their partners "uses" them on the boss to burst the bubble that is surrounding the boss. This will pop doing 8.5k damage on the raid.

Thats all there is! Just rinse and repeat. The fight is really easy, but something is going wrong with the tank healing.

This fight should be over in 3-5 minutes apparently.

The only loot that dropped was a spell damage ring from the trash mobs. Other than that the trash in that place seems to be shared with Hjyal.

But it was a fun evening - we were able to have a good laugh between tries and I really enjoyed it!

Hopefully tonight the raid will take him down!

In other news I've noticed that Executioner and my Stormherald have made a big difference to my dps in raids - I'm hitting much much harder now! Its pretty sweet!

Firelight is now about half way to revered with Shattered Sun Offensive which is pretty cool so then its going to be a long long slog to exalted with them for him as heroic MT needs Crowd Control and He doesnt offer any. So its going to be done with questing only.

Hopefully when all the other quests open it wont take too long.