Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Karazhan Progression...

Morning Folks!

So last night I had some time to quickly finish off my dailys on firelight, then quickly do 2 on Gwindle, and try something in Skettis.

I read on someones blog a good way to make money if you're a herbalist is to kill the 71 Elites in Skettis (the big tree dudes) Now i'd tried this in Balance, and was killed a few times, but managed it in the end. But as Feral, its awesome! I go cat form till either he's down to 50% or I'm taking too much damage, stunning/healing in between, the go bear form to finish him off!

Easy money!

So I'm going to spend some time doing that, the herbs and motes are worth a bit!

So onto Kara!

We had a tank that was new to a couple of the fights (nightbane included) so the start was a little disheartening. 4 wipes. So we moved on to Shade of Aran. I was a little annoyed as this was the first time I'd been invited to the 2nd day of a kara run since our kara full night runs over a month ago, and i wanted to clear the mobs before aran so i could pick up the quest to kill aran and get the book from him. Raid leader said that we'd wasted enough time on nightbane, so we couldn't kill 3 extra groups of mobs. Which meant i had to come back after the raid was over so now i have to wait again till we do the 2nd half of the instance again.

1st attempt on Aran was rather messy! Everyone went in DPS as its impossible to tank him, our feral druid died pretty early on, then when he was combat res'd he was killed again as the RL forgot that if you res during the rings of fire phase that counts as movement. So on we by one the group were going down until only I was left! talk about pressure...2% left on aran i needed to pull 8k damage out of somewhere, oh crap!! no health...popped a pot, popped a healthstone, and as my mouse was clicking divine shield he crit me! Boom dead! wipe! Annoying!

So we got him on the 2nd attempt nice and easy.

Then on to Illhoof who we one shotted.

Chess was easy as usual.

Then time for the Prince!

1st attempt we were at about 55% when an infernal landed where the tank was, so all melee dps(myself and the extra tank) ran back, i switched my weapon/offhand and libram, cast blessing of light on the druid tank, and started healing. Tank got really unlucky with 4 crushing blows in a row, no amount of healing could get through that so we wiped.

2nd attempt the tank got enfeeble!! W.T.F!

3rd try same thing happened with the infernal again, but we managed to heal through it this time, and at 10% the infernal despawned and we ran in and nuked him! Prince Down!

It seems the best way to do this fight is for the bulk of the party to stand at the door, and for the tank to stand just infront of us up against a wall. No moving around, no fuss! and if things get like that with the infernals then we can just wait it out and heal through it.

So I'm really close to exalted with Violet Eye now. 1 more run and I'm done with that. Still a few things I'd like from there in the way of drops but we'll see if i ever get lucky.

All i snagged from last nights run was a healing mail legs item from the Chess event.

So after I'd gone back to kara 30 mins after we ended the raid i popped back to Shattrath and saw a huge cannon outside the aldor bank! LOL!

I jumped in and saw that the Darkmoon Faire was in town! (well just outside town)

I talked to a few of the NPC's there and i found one selling scrolls! I quickly grabbed all the useful ones, as they were super super cheap compared to AH prices! Strength, Agility lovely lovely!

So this morning i quickly logged on and did one of my skettis dailys on Gwindle, and killed 2 of those tree giants as well, then logged back to firelight to pop to the faire again for more scrolls!

Wow! he had a couple more scroll, but he also had some blue gems!! for 12g each! I snapped them up quick as i know they go for 4 or 5 times that at the AH!! Brilliant find!!


So I'm going to see how often he restocks his supplies and pop back there as much as i can in order to snag a few juicy items!! ^_^

Anyway that's enough from me for now!

Bye Bye!! *waves*