Saturday, 10 November 2007

Friday Night Mayhem!

Look at this!! A Saturday Post!! OMG!

Did i have a stressful night or what!!

Fun, but stressful!!

We were all lined up for Kara and there were 3 groups going, i was signed up for team 2, but ended up being moved to team 1, as they were short a tank.

So i took gwindle in there and was the Off Tank! Oh dear! I was petrified of screwing up!!

I'd not tanked in Kara before! Certainly not with my druid!!

Attument - 1 Shotted!
Moroes - 1 Shotted!
Opera - 1 Shotted!
Maiden - 1 Shotted!
Nightbane - 3 tries - then we moved on - we were having problems with the skelly phase.
Curator - 1 Shotted!

Then after the big robots past Curator i asked if i could switch to Firelight for Shade of Aran so i could complete my quest. No problem! On we went!

Aran - 1 Shotted!
Illhoof - 1 Shotted!
Netherspite - 1 Shotted! (my first time even seeing this boss! let alone tanking him!! eek!)
Chess Event - Too easy to fail!
Prince - 1 Shotted!!! (whooppeee!! Another t4 helm! Got the tanking one this time!!)

Then we went back to Nightbane and 1 Shotted him! I got myself that awesome Shield he drops for tanking!! Brilliant!!

I also hit exalted with the Violet Eye, so i was able to swap over my ring and change it for this bad boy:

Look at all that lovely Hit Rating!!!

So i finally got to my desired 95 hit rating! and then some!!

Awesome!! (those are unbuffed stats btw) Whats even better is i can afford to drop 16 Hit points to get more Strength or Attack Power.
Looking much better! and hopefully when 2.3 comes I'll be set!!
What an awesome night!! The whole of Karazhan in 5 hours! Brilliant!!