Friday, 9 November 2007


I beginning to feel anxious about my alts!! 2.3 is around the corner and i want to get at least another 2 of my toons to 70.

My Warlock, Starslayer, will be first. At the weekend I'm going to do a post about him, i guarantee you'll laugh out loud when you see him!!

Then if i can bear to listen to his voice, Poobah, my rogue will be next. ("Not enough energy!"AAARRGGGHHH!!!! Pounds his stupid gnome face into the ground!)

I've also got a level 20 Draenai priest and a level 13 Draenai Shaman I'd like to level as well.

Both my Warlock and my Rogue will have full rested bonus's when i decide to start leveling them again so that'll help out quite a lot, and being able to level them close to 30-50% quicker will be good too!

Basically i want some more money makers! My warlock has herbalism and skinning as his Trade Skills, and make me money to level! My Rogue is a skinner/Leather worker. So again his trade skills compliment themselves.

My Priest is Alchemist/herbalist so i'll have a pot maker for my toons.

My Shaman is a Miner/Jewel Crafter. Prospecting makes Wods of Hard Currency!

I'm tempted to drop skinning on my warlock and pick up alchemy so i can start making pots a lot he's 41 he can get to 300 pretty quick. Not sure if you need to be a specific level to get to 375 though (obviously Gwindle will be farming the mats he would need to level past 300 in outland as she's 375 herber)

Firelight is a Miner/Armoursmith 375/375 - I very rarely craft anything. I have 1 BoE Plan for tanks (Bracers of the green whoosamajig) which are very nice, but I'd need to farm some primal nethers to craft them.. I've seen them go on the AH for quite a bit.

Gwindle is 375 Herbalist and 375 Enchanter. She has Mongoose! the coveted Super Melee enchant! I was told this would make me super rich...i was told I'd have requests every 5 minutes from people wanting this enchant.....

I was lied to!

I've done it a lot for guildies, obviously i don't charge for the enchant, but don't provide mats.

I think since I've had it (a couple months) I've maybe made 300g total from it...

I just hate to stand around Ironforge spamming the trade channel with /2 WTS [Mongoose] then having to reply back to 5 people all who end up saying "no thanks mats are too much for me"

I've moaned about it before, i know, but it really grinds my gears!!! (thanks Peter Griffin!!)

So slowly the money should start rolling in.

At the moment all i seem to be doing is logging in to raid with maybe an hour before hand to do some dailys or sort out my auctions from my banker-alt.

Gaahh!! Sometimes it feels like such a chore!!! All i want is to have enough money to give one of my toons Epic Flight.

I think I'll end up giving it to Gwindle first, as I'm keen to get epic flight form, and do that quest in Achenai Crypts (or whatever instance it is) to face the Raven Lord.

A few people on our server have his mount, and its really awesome! The funny thing is *NONE* of the people who have the mount are druids...

Its such a cool looking mount!

I should do a post about Firelight's mount obsession...he's got a *few* you see!!

Quite a contrast to Gwindle who only has 2! (3 including flight form i suppose)

Since I took up herbalism I've made a bit more money than i used to, Gwindle was a tailor for some reason(?!?!) and it was so easy to level herbalism. Only took me a weekend. Job done.

I sent all the mats either to the banker for selling on the ah, or to my priest to level her alchemy(she's level 20, with 225 (Maxed) alchemy till she gets to 35 anyway)

One of the reasons i want to get gwindle her flight form first is herb farming. The amount of times I've got to the little yellow dot on my map only to find someone with epic flight has beaten me to it by 2 seconds...very annoying...

Anyway I'm bored and rambling on! The joys of friday afternoons at work...its dead in here!