Wednesday, 14 November 2007


God! Just over an hour till i get home!!

Today has been the longest day ever!!

I'm really looking forward to the new stuff Firelight's gonna be doing!

That nice 6s CS Cooldown.

The threat reduction.

Lots of nice good stuff!! Love it!

Someone on the guild is arranging a triple heroic run for to get the "Champion of the Naaru" Title!

I've put my name down!! That'll be cool i think! plus I've never tried either of those instances in heroic mode so should be fun!!

Not to mention the new heroic quests, and non heroic quests! Means the money should start flowing quite heavily if i do my dailys as well!

I've got the day off work tomorrow which is nice! I need a break from work! means i can do some cool stuff - check out ZA Properly too!

I've been to the new area in ghostlands already on the PTR. So i know what I'm looking for.

I need to figure out where the Flight path is there though. and how it works if you're flying from IF? Is that even possible?

If not that's quite annoying having to fly to EPL then ride into ghostlands. It takes quite a while.

Our guild are talking about dropping Karazhan runs soon in favour of ZA...while i think its a good idea, as i don't really want anything else from there right now, and the guild are pushing 25 man content at the moment, we've dropped to 8th or 10th in server rank recently so we need to down a couple more bosses in SSC, and maybe even another in Tempest Keep.

We wont be doing Loot Reaver again for a while anyway, as since the patch you cannot bypass A'lar. (the beautiful birdy in the first big room) So we're going to have to try A'lar out first.

Some people say that being in an end-game Raid Guild is a lot of hard work, and you have to put in a lot of hours, I'm lucky that I'm not a healer or tank.

I don't get picked for a huge amount of raids, due to prejudices against paladins i think...

I'm assured by the Raid Leaders that they love to have me along for what i give them in terms of crit %age to the raid and +2% damage to my party, I've been taken out of the main melee group because the rogues want Windfury.

Personally i don't think all rogues need it.

Our Raid Leader is a rogue, and his dps is insane! So surely he could give up his space to let lil'old'me in the windfury group?

We need more Enhancement Shamans in the guild i think - that'll sort it!!

Well writing this has taken up 20 minutes! only 50 mins till work is over.