Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Big Update!

Well its been 3 days since my last update so lets get to work!

Seemed most of my weekend was spent doing heroics, or playing on my druid.

I respec'd Gwindle to Feral and boy what fun!

I'd been lucky in kara and gotten some nice dps epics for her even though her spec was balance.

Check out Gwindle on the link on the right.

I started out and had 1500 AP in cat form.

Got the arena S1 legs, regem'd, added enchants, got the pvp wrists with honor points i had saved up.

Self buffed she's up to over 2400 AP now! crazy! 32% Crit chance..and i'm still not finished!!

She's an awesome tank now as well! and again, her gear is pretty weak!

I switched her over to balance at level 45 if i remember correctly, so its been a while since i had used her for anything else other than caster dps and the occasional off-tanking in kara.

I discovered one other thing...nothing grinds as easily as cat form. No mana break, no health top-ups required.

I needed some Arcane Tomes to get the shoulder enchant from the scryers, and i was 3 short so i popped over to the southern part of the Black Temple in SMV, and started plugging away at the blood elves there. Improved leader of the pack is Imba! Heals me for 4% of my health i think on every crit. I didnt need to heal myself once in an hour! 3 mobs on me? no problem! Switch to Bear form, and start swiping! awesome!

I did a crap load of WSG as well to get the marks i needed for the bracers. Seems i need to learn how to do more damage! I need some druid lessons!

Anyway back to Firelight for a bit!

No raiding for me at all, but the guild managed to Down Morogrim Tidewalker in SSC! So grats guild!

I got karazhan tonight which is fun i guess as maybe we might get to do some content i've not seen on firelight since my first time in with the guild. So far the guild have been picking me for the first night, and not the second night. which is a little frustrating as i've been trying to get some items from the later half of the isntance. (gorehowl etc)

Plus i think i might make exalted as well. We'll see how it goes tonight.

Looks like i'm signed up for tomorrows raid - probably Gruuls lair i imagine. And rather dissapointingly there are 3 rogues signed up as well, which means i'm out of the dps group.

No Wind Fury Totem goodness for me. *cries*

But at least i'll be getting +5% crit chance from one of the druids probably.

We'll see how it goes. I dont like not being in with our shaman. Its kinda annoying too...

I got our shaman into the guild and they take her on nearly every raid! I'm lucky if i see 1 or 2 raids a week. She's got 70% raid attendance compared to my 33% for the last 30 days.

I'm taking a raiding break for a week from the 11th November, not signed up for anything. I've PM'd the guild master and told him that i need a break, a few other people have done it lately so it shouldnt be a problem.

I need to grind some cash and not have to spend it on repairs all the time.

I'm getting about 140g a day from daily if i can be bothered to do them (Firelight and Gwindle Combined earnings) They're a bit boring now!

I'm exalted with Skyguard and Orgri'la on Firelight, and honored/friendly with Gwindle at the moment. If i could be bothered i'd grind to exalted on Gwindle, but she's only been to Blades Edge Platau's twice i think to do dailys. Seems i'm a sucker for interuptions to grinding...

"Need DPS/Tank for XX heroic"

"ME ME ME ME!!!"

I need a break from raiding and heroics! Except for my heroic Mech 3 badge run - nice and easy!