Friday, 29 May 2009

Thorim has Rage on Farm

Hey peeps!

As Doxa was kind enough to enquire as to our guilds progress on Thorim I thought I'd make a quick post to answer him!

Well as the title suggests we're having a few problems on getting that dude down! Quite literally.

Getting him down off that pedestal is a real job! Either the guys going through the gauntlet wipe or the group outside cant keep up with the number of mobs spawning and wipe just as the last mob is pulled by the gauntlet.

We've tried lots of different combo's here - from putting more people in the gauntlet to putting more people outside.

I've been in both sides of the tries - starting with staying in the main room and fighting off the hordes of iron dwarves that come - it can be very overwhelming at times - and woweee the chaos that can ensue as people are just running around like blue-ass-flies trying to stay in control.... and its not much more fun in the Gauntlet room. Pull aggro off the tanks and you're dead! Thankfully hand of Salvation is a real godsend here! The gauntlet itself is not terribly difficult to start off with but when you get to those stairs...oh my really need to be with a fearless tank who is able to take more than his fair share of punishment.

I've never been more scared to use Divine Storm in all my life!

Its just a frustrating thing - I guess many people will say we clearly don't have the DPS required yet to get past him. I guess there is always going to be a gear check with some bosses.

Good news though is all other bosses are on farm mode more or less aside from Hodir and Thorim (we've not tried Mimiron on 25-man yet but I heard he's a nightmare!!)

This weekend I'm going to try get me that Red Proto-Drake! I've wanted that bad boy for a while now and only need 7/8 more achievements to get it! 5 more Mounts left then all I need is the Tournament mounts to get my Mountain of Mounts reward of a very sexy Blue Dragonhawk!

So sadly Doxa we too are also headbutting the same wall as you!

Friday, 22 May 2009

Freya Down.

Hey peeps! I'm trying to post some more - need to get back into the swing of things after having nothing really to write about for ages.

So Wednesday Rage started again and cleared 6 bosses in Ulduar Heroic in 1 night (unfortunately I was not present as I was at the cinema seeing Star Trek for the 2nd time!!)

Last night we went and had tries on Freya, and at 11:30 Server time she finally went down.

The first half of the night I was on DPS, and we had problems with the 4 medium sized mobs that spawned being tanked, so I switched my gear out and activated my tank spec (go go gadget tank!) I was tasked with helping out with the tanking on those adds.

It was interesting for me, I had lots of fun doing that, and it was great finally getting her down. That fight is seriously harder on 25 man compared to 10 man.

Monday night we'll probably try Thorim and Hodir again. (first time on Thorim) Wish us luck!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Ulduar Progression

Hey guys! Hope all are well and still rocking the new content!

Rage's progression is as always slow and steady compared to some of you guys out there, but we're doing our best in the face of adversity.

Last night we cleared Auriaya and had a few good tries on Hodir in 25-man.

Auriaya is a bit of a nightmare and its all about the raid being able to keep mobile if the void zones spawn in rubbish places. This fight reminds me a bit of Prince in Karazhan with the infernals spawning all over the place.

Hodir on the other hand is best described in 1 word: Chaos.

Everyone has to keep moving all the time or they take frost damage, added to the fact you have to keep out of the runes on the floor in case you get knocked back by cave-ins. Its a real intensive fight and people have to be on the ball or its FAIL time. Also he's got 32 million Hit Points.....that's just unreasonable!! Damn you Blizzard!

So that's all the news from a raiding point of view. I've slowly been continuing my rep grind for the Insane title, but nothing massive to report there, other than hitting honored with Darkmoon Faire. I've started the Argent Tournament on my Druid - which is fun, and adds a nice source of income as well.

I'm planning on leveling another toon to 80 just so I can do these quests again maybe - it depends on what happens when 3.2 comes out.

I also managed to get my 75th non-combat pet in game and got my Fawn pet in the post, which was cool! Also last night in VoA Emalon was kind enough to drop the Grand Black War Mammoth!! Somehow I managed to win the roll as well!! /grin

That's my 85th mount in game - 15 to go for the Dragonhawk mount you get at 100.

Good Times!

Have any of you guys completed any WoW milestones with regards to content or achievements?

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Ulduar Progression and Guild Changes.

Hey peeps! Been a while since I did a big update on here about raiding, but with going to Star Trek and being ill (no not swine flu!) I've not had much spare time.

Anyway Rage have been progressing quite nicely, not as fast as some people in the guild would like, but slow and steady always wins the race as they say.

In 10 man Ulduar we've cleared 9 bosses: Flame Leviathan, Ignis, Razorscale, XT-002, Iron Council, The big dude with the arms, Auraiya, Hodir, and Fraiya.

In 25 man Ulduar we're not so far, but getting there all the above aside from Auraiya, Hodir and Fraiya.

So far its been fun! I've loved all the fights - even given some of the wipe nights we've had.

I've been lucky here and there and managed to get some nice upgrades so far, the latest being this baby!!!!

Rune Edge
Two Hand Sword
632-949 Dmg Speed 3.40
(232.5 damage per second)
+121 Agility
+120 Stamina
Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 86.
Equip: Increases your attack power by 160.
Equip: Increases your armor penetration rating by 70.

Lovely upgrade for my Betrayer, and finally nice to have a sword again. I hate having axe's. It always seems like such a waste of my nice expertise Bonus.

The Plate chest dropped too "Steelbreaker's Embrace" but I let that go to the other ret-paladin that joined us recently as i would loose a LOT of hit rating swapping out that. I'm saving my dkp for the tier 8.5 Chest. That way I'm not loosing too much Hit Rating.

The Iron Council is an annoying fight to be sure - the tanks take a lot of damage. Us paladins had to work out a rotation for Hand of Sacrifice if ever a tank wound up getting the boss in the rune that increases damage by 50%. We had almost 2 nights of wipes there - very frustrating stuff.

In other news I'm now the Paladin Class Leader in Rage! Our last one has quit his paladin so concentrate on his Horde Hunter. Good luck to him! Cheers Rovell! So this is lots of veteran meetings and sorting out who's doing what and helping make guild decisions! Interesting to see the behind the scenes stuff in a Raid guild.

Other projects I'm working on at the moment, in case any of you have been nosing around on my Armory page are as follows:

I finished the Argent Tournament on Monday!! Crusader Firelight was my 27th Title!

I'm also working on "the Insane" title. Here's where I am with that:

Bloodsail Buccaneers -11999/12000 Honored - Completed
Ravenholdt - Currently Revered - Incomplete.
Shen'dralar - Currently Friendly - Incomplete.
Darkmoon Fair - Currently Friendly - Incomplete.
Steamwheedle Cartel - Currently 8000/36000 Hated with most - Very Incomplete!!

This is taking me a long time!! I've killed literally thousands of Syndicate mobs, Southsea Pirates and Wastewander Pirates, and I've got thousands more to kill!

I've been slowly buying all the Rogue/Swords/Mages decks from the Auction house and getting my darkmoon rep up that way but this is also very slow. Also been gathering items for libram hand ins for Shen'dralar rep. Its going to be expensive, and its going to take ages, but I want this title!! Wish me luck!

PS - I'll hit the exalted title in 2 rep factions time as well! (40 factions to exalted)

Friday, 8 May 2009

New Star Trek Movie

Hey guys, just wanted to make a quick post about the new Star Trek Movie!

Don't worry - no spoilers here!

Some friends and I drove to London last night to an IMAX Theatre to see the film.

My god.....this is without a doubt one of the best, if not THE best, film I've seen in years!

Seriously - even if you're not a Star Trek fan, go see this! Its just brilliant!

Worth Every Penny!

That's all!! More Warcraft next time!