Friday, 2 November 2007

LMAO!!! Funniest Gruul EVER!

Oh my god i was in stitches!!

Let me set the scene!

So last night i got in from work, and ate some food then logged on.

Managed to do a quick 3 badge run to Heroic Mech before the raid started which was nice as i need to save up 20 badges for my libram when 2.3 hits as i spent 20 badges buying primal nethers for my chest (no i couldn't wait!!)

So we all got ready and met up outside Gruuls!

I've got some pics I'll post later on of us gathering outside!

Anyway we go in, and raid starts..At first i was a little annoyed..there were 3 rogues as apposed to the usual 2 so i was promptly booted out of the main melee dps group so all the rogues got Wind Fury. *grrrrr*

So i just had to make do with Leader of the Pack, and 2 hunters who didn't have Improved Trueshot aura....but i didn't mind - the changes I'd made to my gear since the last raid meant i was better anyway. Wish I'd bought some weight stones with me though.

So we clear the trash mobs to High King Mulgar, and we have a new mage tank! He got some bad luck and was 2 shotted by the ogre he was tanking, but in the chaos that ensued we managed to kill 3 of the ogres before the "RUN!!!" command was given!

So we went back in and cleared HKM. Typical! No Champion t4 pieces! that's none for 2 weeks!!

So we move onto gruul. Trash cleared, and the raid leader (a rogue) stealths and showed people where to hide when Gruul does his shatter thing. For some reason he then decided to walk a little close to gruul and got splatted! Much laughter from the raid later and a brave paladin (not me!) tried to get in close enough for a res. But alas the rogue was just too close to gruul.

Just as Ereggy came back somehow he started the event!! Gruul ran over to him, SPLAT!, and then for some reason, even though we were all outside the gates. Chaos! Everyone started Running, in fits of laughter!! Gruul was through the gates and splatting our team!! We ran!!

But he managed to finish of most of us before we made it out so we had to run back from the grave yard. How we laughed! So we reformed, rebuffed, and went in!

As pay back we 1 shotted Gruul! Bang!!

Loot was crap, no Champion t4 pieces again!

I bid some dkp on a nice leather belt that dropped, but a rogue (GM) was bidding so i passed.
(Leather?!?!? i hear you cry! Its better than the blue crap I'm wearing at the mo even if its not plate!)

So all in all a great run to gruuls. And I've decided i don't want any more T4 anyway. (Shoulders, Legs, Chest) as what i have are a million times better than them

I'd like the shoulders, but I'm not going to bid against someone who needs them. But only because they look lovely!

Looking at the Tier 5 shoulders/legs/chest i don't think i want them either!

The only thing that's saying i should get them is the 4 set bonus. but give up my shoulders and legs? i dunno...

Tier 6 Maybe...but will anyone on our server get anywhere near t6? i very much doubt it.

There are some people running around in t5 shoulders, from Loot..I mean Void-Reaver, but our guild have decided to clear SSC before we go anywhere near Tempest Keep.

I think we're close to getting Leo down, and Karathress, so maybe...we'll see!

If we can manage that we'll have cleared 4 out of 6 bosses in SSC, which will push us up the server top 10. We're 8th at the moment (Horde and alliance i think) So we gotta try harder!!