Monday, 3 December 2007

Weekend Madness!

What a fun weekend I had!!

Started out a bit crappy though. There had been a lot of cancellations to the ZA 2nd group so i ended up going to kara on my druid who's resto at the moment as healer obviously, which was pretty fun actually - the other 2 healers we had with is were pretty imba, so i didn't do too much in the way of healing, was nice to take a relaxing step back from kara for a change!!

We Cleared Attument, Moroes and Maiden, but we didn't have the right group makeup for the Wizard of Oz opera event so we stopped then.

I then logged onto firelight to try and get through scholo again. I wanted to farm as much Runecloth as possible to get gwindle finally exalted with SW so she could get her Epic Horse mount. I had some trouble with a one of the rooms around Gandling last time i tried to solo the place, so i asked if one of my fellow guildies would like to come along to help out. By the time we finally got there news had spread and we were 4 strong! 1 Lock, 2 Mages and me! We Cleared scholo in about 30/40 mins, then moved onto Stratholme!

We started at the undead side, and did the 45 min run with 20 minutes to spare!! LOL!! And we weren't really going very fast either!

We then moved to the scarlett side, and killed everything there too before calling it a night.

I've decided to try and get my Lightforge set again. Beginning to wish i hadn't vendored what i had to start off with! DOH!

So i have Gloves that my friend gave me, and the belt that dropped on Friday night. Going to try getting the bracers from the AH if they're not too much money, but I'm going to try scholo again anyway cos i wanna get the helm from gandling.

We had a real laugh in there so we've decided to do the same whenever we can! its good money too!

Saturday did my dailies etc and managed to get Firelight into the Kara run for the evening. We cleared all bosses from Opera, and nightbane kindly dropped a very sexy pair of booties for me!

I like replacing epics with even better epics!!

So after that the usual group hooked up for more old world fun! We went to Dire Maul this time, and cleared out all 3 instances. I'd never cleared a tribute run in time before now, so that was cool. What wasn't cool was the crappy loot in the box!!! Just some mana pots and health pots that i nabbed and some food/water. Lame!

I am going to try and get that ogre suit though! that looks like it'll be easy! Another old world objective added to my list of things to do! I wonder if I'll ever be able to get the Soulforge quests reset so i can do them again...Guess I'll have to contact a GM and ask them if its possible!

So last night we went to SSC and took down Leotheras The Blind - 2nd attempt! This guy is a walk in the park now for us it seems! Guess that's farm status then!!

We then had a few tries on Fathom Lord Karathress. We started with the Shaman this time, but due to a severe lack of shamans in the group we gave up and ended the raid for the evening.

My Banker has been very busy the last week or so, and has accumulated a pretty impressive 800g in just a short amount of time! Playing the auctioneer game is quite a good way of making money it seems. Hopefully in a couple of weeks i should be getting close to the 5k that i need to get Firelight his epic flyer! i cannot wait!! I must start farming herbs again actually.

Leveled a couple of my alts over the weekend as well, nothing big, just did a few quests. Its boring questing alone, always good to have help from someone - even if its someone the same level as you - just makes the time go quicker i think.

Anyway i think that's enough waffle for now!