Tuesday, 27 November 2007

2 New Bosses Downed, 1 New Encounter!

Morning Fellow Warcrafters!

Much to my disappointment (sort of) we ventured into Serpentshrine Cavern last night. I was hoping for Gruul/Magtheridon as we've not been this week, and we're not going tonight. :(

Never mind....maybe I'll get a chance to go this week. Rather surprised we've lost out on a week going to gruul/mags....never mind...

I wonder if i can rally enough support tonight to lead a raid to Gruuls....Hmmm...

Worth a try i suppose!!

Anyway back to last night!

Into SSC again. Lurker and Hydross were down, so agenda for tonight was Morgrim Tidewalker and Leotheras The Blind.

Cleared trash to Morgrim first, and started working on the Murlocs....murlocs...how embarassing to be killed by mobs I've not seen since level 20 something!

So we got to Morgrim eventually after a few small hiccoughs and the raid leader explained the tactics to myself and 2 others who didn't know the fight.

1st attempt we had a problem with something - I'm not sure so we did a sacrificial wipe so we could start again. Divine Intervention FTW!

2nd attempt we got him. This is a REALLY long fight! I mean REALLY REALLY long! 12m 34seconds doesn't sound like a long time, but for a boss fight? that's a long time! Anyway he went down and i got a new belt! Its mail, but its a nice upgrade from the blue crap i had before:

Girdle of the Tidal Call
Waist Mail
506 Armor
+35 Strength
+30 Stamina
+20 Intellect
Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 33.

So then we moved onto Leotheras.

The trash leading to him is a bit silly I've decided...its just so easy to suddenly get adds which will cause a wipe. But we cleared them eventually.

The trash leading to Leo dropped a nice item for me which i got:

Pendant of the Perilous
+32 Strength
+24 Stamina
Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 23.

So 1st attempt on leo, this time I would be paying proper attention to the demons if i got on...but i didn't get one! typical!! I plugged away at him as much as i could. This fight is very frustrating for melee combat as when he's in elf form he does this whirlwind attack and melee have to get away from him asap, as he'll just cut us down really fast.

So i watched the enrage time ticking away on my Deadly Boss Mods addon, and as he was at 4 or 5% he enraged!! All DPS went mental i just popped my avenging wrath, used my chest that give +150 strength, and 1500 health and consecrated hitting him as hard and as much as i could slowly one by one he was taking down everyone...i think we only had about 15/16 people left when he finally went down!

Vent erupted with shouting and much rejoicing was had!!

Awesome!! 2x Mage, Hunter, Warlock t5 gloves dropped, so we watched the dkp bids rise to well over 300 each!! Nice work!!

What a result! We were really happy we'd managed to down him! its been a good few weeks of tries on the bugger.

So a nice night! Got some nice loot which is always nice! even if i did pay over the odds on the neck (16 dkp) but i don't mind! i still got some nice items!