Thursday, 16 July 2009

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder...

Wow its been almost a month since my last blog post - so I guess I better explain myself!!

Well its been a bit of a stressful time for me in RL - my G/F and I are in the middle of buying a house together - and its all completed this week so Grats Anna and I! Just gotta wait for them to finish building it!

So as I've had a lot on my plate in RL, I've not done much in WoW. In fact i didn't even log into WoW for 8 days! Somewhat of a record for me!

I took this time to chill out, play Ghostbusters on my PS3 (which is just awesome btw!!) and look back at the last 3 years of WoW that I've been playing.

I was pretty close to quitting actually - the reason for this was i was feeling sad cos I missed all my friends from the guild!!

Last night with all the raid instances reset we started at Vault of Archavon and I got my T8 legs.........Damn...

Yep...that's right - Men look stupid in dresses!!!

So its sex-change time again I'm afraid!! I just don't see why the t8 legs had to look like that - its like they got the shaman and paladin loot mixed up.....nabs....

There! That's much better!!

So as i was saying - I got the Teir 8 legs and we moved onto Ulduar where I had a good night loot wise!!

I got Worldcarver to replace my Rune Edge - Nice to have all that extra Attack Power from the strength.
Also managed to snag myself some new bracers.

So a welcome return to WoW for me.

Before my brief break we managed to down General Vezax, and have a few tries on Yoggy. They managed to get to him as well, but it wasn't a good try from what I heard. We should get to him again this week! I cant wait to get him down! Long time coming!

Did you guys notice today the downloader is going for 3.2?

Bring it on! Been playing a bit on the PTR - changes seem good! Cant wait for that!

Hope everyones ok - and Sorry for the lack of updates lately - more will be coming I promise!!