Thursday, 8 November 2007

Gruul & Magtheridon Perfection.

Hey Peeps!

Last night was Gruul and Magtheridon night!

What can i say! the Focus was amazing! Even though the odds were against us!

Gruul First!

Got to gruuls, again i was ommited from the DPS group, and after moaning to my Class Leader the raid leader did nothing. There is no need for 3 rogues to be in the dps group just to get Wind Fury. Their dps is so high that they don't need it. Me on the other hand.....anyway I'm not complaining about it any more.

So first try on High-King Mulgar we lost our mage tank early on so we ran out and reset. HKM downed quick!

T4 Shoulders dropped, and i knew that the shaman in the group would be bidding, so the bidding war commenced, i passed at 220 dkp, and she won for 230. I then had the RL whispering me and saying "WTF?!?" "Why are you bidding" "You have better"...etc etc...not to mention the b*tching i was getting from the shaman. All i was doing was trying to win the shoulders, and making sure that i had more dkp for the legs if they dropped from Gruul.

Oh my god what a fuss. So after the raid leader made it clear that i shouldn't have bid, i then said in Raid chat that i withdraw all my bids and that she can have the shoulders for 7dkp, her original bid, and that I'd been told i wasn't allowed to bid. I then had half the raid asking me why and who had told me that. So i made it clear to them (mostly officers) put the shaman on ignore for 5 mins till she calmed down. She's been doing this a lot lately and has the Raid Leader wound round her finger from what I've been told.

Its funny how a small totem can cause such a fuss...

Anyway i then had the raid leader whispering me again apologising for his shortness with me and that the shaman in question would indeed pay 230dkp for her shoulders.

I do want the shoulders, for the 4x Set bonus which is great. This is why i bid.

And we moved onto Gruul.

One shotted that one-eyed monster and the legs dropped. I won for 127 dkp (1 dkp more than the shaman had!) I'll not be using them till i get the shoulders. So maybe next week... Who knows. I want to look like a paladin, not a warrior! although those shoulders/legs i have a really nice. Maybe for solo'ing/trash mobs they're fine, but for bosses i need the added intellect that the legs/shoulders give me.

So we ported out to Shattrath, repaired, i picked up my legs from the t4 vendor, and flew to Honor Hold to get ready for Magtheridon.

I was on cube clicking duty again. Which is always a real pressure point!! i like to get to the cube a lot earlier than i should mainly because one time i was on it, i got earthquaked in front of maggy and was cleaved and killed. Then i was told about jumping to get out of the earthquake thing. Meh...anyway we one shotted him and more T4 dropped for our group. I was hoping for him to drop his plate belt, but he didn't drop it!! Git! Anyway the first bid for the chest was from our raid leader for 275 dkp! LOL! The Bidding went up to 330 or so i think. Way out of my league! I don't want the chest anyway. Certainly not paying over 150dkp for any t4! lol

Anyway that's what happened last night! I did a normal Botanica run on my druid afterwards. Its amazing how hard that demon boss is in there on heroic compared to normal. I mean he is so easy on normal its ridiculous!

Gwindle got a nice new dps cape and a necklace, but not sure what to do with them.

Anyway i picked up some more blue gems from that Darkmoon Faire vendor, and I'm making quite a bit of money that way!! I wonder if he sells the same things when he's in Elwynn..Hmmm....

Anyways that's enough for interesting evening to be sure...

I'm signed for the raid tonight, which will likely be SSC first 2 bosses, and maybe 3...depends if we wipe 3 times on Hydross as normal.

Or we might be doing Void-Reaver...who knows!