Saturday, 10 November 2007

My Warlock.

So i've got a level 41 warlock that i play with from time to fact he was my First ever WoW toon, but got shelved when i created Firelight.

So about a month ago before they announced the changes to leveling in 2.3 i decided to play with him for a bit. Got him from 31 to 41 in a couple days and got his mount! Awesome!

So then i think to myself, my gear is really lame!!

So i go shopping! And i go instancing! Scarlett Monastary!

And when i get back i log out and i'm faced with this image.....

(Click to enlarge! If you Dare!!!)

Dear god...not exactly menacing as most Warlocks look is he!!

This reminded me of a post i read over at Blessing of Kings:

He pwn's! But he looks like an idiot!!

Your comments welcome!!