Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Monday Night Nothingness..

Hey people!!

A later than usual post from me today..

Not much to report on for the evenings antics really.

While the rest of the guild had another crack at morogrim Tidewalker i did some farming herbs/money/cloth with gwindle.

While i was in Shadowmoon Valley someone posted in General Chat looking for a group to complete a quest at Ata'mal Terrace.

Its the quest to that Akama gives you to go get the heart of something or other.
Anyway i remember doing this quest with Firelight a few months ago, but the difference here is i would be tanking with Gwindle.

Now i don't know how they expect to have a 5 man group survive what appeared to be about 30/40 mobs spawning on you while you're killing 4 elites one by one i don't know.
Slowly one by one the team went down...


Gah! that left me to kill the last elite and 5 remaining adds alone!!
The priest was doing that angel thing they do when they die so i was at least topped up with health when she finally kicked the bucket!

Swipe is really useful! I managed to survive somehow and then res'd the priest and we all got the quest completed!

I was the hero for 10 minutes for being able to tank what is essentially utter utter chaos!!
That was a nice little quest line finished got me a fair bit of gold from running around for 5 minutes from SMV to Shattrath.

After that i logged over to my Hordie to check on prices at the AH for Primal Shadow.

Wow what a difference! there's bags of cash to be saved Horde side!

The primal shadows were 50-70% cheaper than on the Alliance Side.

So tonight i should get my new hat on Gwindle!

Also I did some Arena with gwindle last night also.

One of my guildies is a Shaman, but has a pvp spec'ed Warrior as well...
We tried the shaman first, and it was horrible! he would get nuked really fast - usually before I'd even popped out of stealth so we tried it with me in healing gear keeping the HoT's up on him all the time. We won a couple of matches this way. But it was not good!

So he logged his pvp warrior..and what a difference!! Everyone seemed to think i was a healer for some reason, and nuked me down first then tried to kill the warrior...But they couldn't!! He was amazing!! We faced up against a rogue/paladin combo a few times..and all but 1 time my warrior mate nuked both of them down without me!! i felt a little useless!!

I still think i need to work on my damage dealing on Gwindle - i need to give her some enchants as well. she's missing some key ones, like shoulders/head/boots.

Think i need to find an attack rotation for pvp that works.

Some more arena gear would be helpfull also. She's only got 2 pvp spec'd items so her resiliance is rather low. (Bracers and Legs)

Anyway i totally got side tracked there!!

I was on my Blood Elf Mage and was flying over Crossroads and it looked like the Alliance were attacking it again, so i flew back to see what was going on!

A level 70 Druid was there killing random mobs, but he was alone!
It turned out to be a member of Gwindles old Guild: Thunderblades.
He was one by one killing all the NPC's in the area, and a few level 15/20's were plugging at him also, so i joined in. Then a 70 Tauren resto druid arrived and started attacking him in his healing gear!!! WTF!?!?

My guildies had a laugh about that as slowly he tried in vain to kill this Alliance druid. I thought i better leave quick before he decided to kill me!

I'll be having words with him tonight to see what he was doing!!

Anyway i made my way to ratchet then onto Booty Bay!
Once there i got my mate on the alliance to buy my primals and post them onto my Druid.

Anyway that's all for now!