Thursday, 31 January 2008

Tempest Keep

Morning Folks!

Raid group cleared Tempest Keep to Kael last night, getting all the bosses down in 1 go pretty much (solarian needed a reset at 10-15% into the fight due to some bad luck when one of our crew DC'd just as he got the bomb.

So 3/4 Bosses cleared in TK, when the raid was called off 2 of us tried running to Kael, but there were too many spawns there, so we didnt get to see him. Damn! I was hoping to get at least a quick look at him.

So tonight we're gonna clear 5/6 in SSC again or maybe 4/6 then friday night we'll try Vashj again I imagine.

So I'm gonna get another shot at the Tsunami Talisman, and the T5 Legs. Lets hope I get lucky, I've got a lot more dkp than most people so if they drop they will be mine!

But as usual I imagine they either wont drop, or someone else will out bid me..