Monday, 21 January 2008

Warlocks Own!!

Hey people!!

Hope you all had a good weekend and managed to get everything done you wanted!!

No raiding for me all weekend, not even Kara or ZA.

Saturday I was stuck for things to do, so i logged my warlock and decided i wanted to get my Fel Guard.

Starslayer was 47 so i hit the ground running and made 50 by the end of the night!

Just before midnight in fact in the middle of desolace i dinged 50!

I put the talent point into my felguard and started summoning my shiny new minion.

Flaatom appeared beside me shouting "WHO DARES SUMMON ME!!!!"

Flaatom? Flaatom?!?! What sort of sucky name is that! I've decided to call him Fat Tom!

Anyway i did more questing on Sunday, got a guildie to take me to sunken Temple to get the warlock quest done, and now I've got a shiney Sythe!! (even though one of the guildies told me to get the trinket instead, but that staff looks so cool)

He's almost 52 now, and I'm about to hand in the items to get my infernal demon. (i think)

Anyway I really enjoyed playing on my lock over the weekend. With the fel guard he's so imba.

I'm nearly done with felwood and I've started up in Western plaguelands as well. I think I'm gonna stay in Azeroth till I'm 60.

Also I'm going to try and get the full 50-60 dungeon set as the lock one looks so cool!!

I don't care how long it takes me, or the fact that I won't need it, it still looks stunning.

Plus you just don't see people in those old classic armour sets any more!

I have the 3 Bind on Equip parts already so just 5 more to go! Once I'm 54 or so I'm going to blag some 70's to take me into Scholo and strat a few times to get the rest of the bits, then maybe into UBRS to try and get the chest piece.

Did a couple of heroics on Gwindle as well and did the heroic daily quest as well. Which was fun. Got some badges. I need to get a nice epic item for gwindle's chest slot.