Thursday, 3 January 2008

Back to Raiding!!

Hey peeps!!

Well last night the guild returned to the normal raiding schedule and hit SSC running!!!

Wow! Talk about focused!!

We nuked Hydross down in one go and in record time.

We nuked Lurker down in one go and also in record time.

After a quick bio we cleared to Leotheras The Blind.

We we had 3 tries on Leo...and we had some rotten luck! he just didn't want to give up!!

1st try we got him to 10% when he enraged, ok so we needed to focus a little more.

The good thing with a 10 minute enrage time is you know when he's going to enrage and you know you have to clear at least 10% of his health every minute.

2nd try was a real punch in the face! he enraged at 4%!!! FOUR!!!

We were doing really well on that try i felt we had him the bag! But at 6% he started picking off DPS instead of healers like he usually does, allowing the dps to nuke him before we were all dead.

3rd and final try was the ultimate insult! 1%

Vent just went quiet and a couple of mins later when we realised there was no soulstone, or self-res available the raid leader called it a night.

During the trash we had a lot of Nether Vortex's drop so i got my Red Belt Of Battle crafted for me!!!

So my Hit-Rating is up to 131 now!! I'm so close to my goal i can smell it!!!

We're going back to SSC tonight to do Leo, Karathres, and Morogrim! So maybe I'll get that talisman i was after, the mace from karathress, and the t5 leggings! And I've got a lot of DKP to spend!! I'm so gonna waste a lot of dkp! I really hope i get that mace! I'm so waiting for an upgrade!!!

I've had my Hammer of the Naaru since my first ever raid to Gruuls Lair with the guild! So I'm really eager to get something with a bit more oomph!!!

Then the struggle to decide what enchant to get on it!! DOH! Who knows!!

I hope i get lucky with drops!

All the loot I'm getting at the moment is off spec crap no-one wants!! but i am sporting some lovely healing gear!! I got the T5 Lookalike helm and chest so far from SSC!! Just the shoulders to get!! LOL!

But seriously! Other than my belt I updated last night I've not had a proper dps upgrade for weeks!!! Hence I've got a LOT of DKP!

Anyway fingers crossed for me tonight!!