Friday, 4 January 2008

Tonight We Dine on the Blood of Lady Vashj!

Morning people!

So last night the might Rage ventured into SSC again!

Agenda was Leotheras, Karathress and Morogrim.

We cleared trash to Leo and got ready.

Raid make-up was pretty much the same as the night before but the healing team leader had devised some really complicated healing system the he assured us would be good enough to keep people alive this time.

And he was right! We nuked Leo down on the first try!

I crossed my fingers and hoped that the Talisman would drop.

Some nice plans for some BoP tankadin boots dropped, 2 sets of Rogue/Paladin/Shaman t5 Gloves, and some other crap i don't even remember.

Damn it! I don't think its ever dropped for us yet!

So then onto Karathress - Surely i had to get at least 1 item from him? I mean I'm after the mace and the t5 legs!

It took us 3 attempts to get him down.

1st attempt we lost the tank that was on the hunter dude.

2nd attempt we lost too many dps when we were taking down the caster.

3rd Attempt we got him down!

And once again nothing i was after dropped! 2x Mage/Warlock/Hunter T5 legs dropped and a shaman trinket that our one and only shaman in the party already had from last time we got him. Its at times like this i wish the loot system would actually scan the raid and see if stuff that's class specific was already in the raid so it didn't drop!!

So then onto Morogrim who we one shotted as usual. Managed to get him down in 9 minutes 30 seconds as well which was pretty fast for us! Its usually 2-3 mins longer than that! At least he doesn't enrage you just have to deal with those water bubbles when he starts the 2nd phase.
Anyway some crap dropped, and we called it a night.

So tonight i (hope i) get to see Lady Vashj for the first time! It'll be the 2nd time the guild have tried her, but my first time. Right now its not looking like we'll go tonight there are only 25 sign ups available as we've had 6 cancellations. Also the raid leaders have not approved anyone for the raid yet either.

In other news I'm so close to getting exalted with Cenarion Expedition!

After our first night to SSC this week i gathered a team of myself, 1 of the top healer paladins, and 3 alts who needed rep (2 druids and a hunter) and went to Steam Vaults (normal mode)
We cleared the place in just over an hour! Was incredible! I managed to get 14 Coilfang Armaments in total from the raid and the instance! (I asked people who didn't need them if i could have/buy them and i managed to get a lot!!) So I'm about 2k rep away from exalted!
Netherwing Rep! I've been doing my dailys as much as possible but not been able to do all of them due to time restraints and raiding but in little over a week I've managed to go from neutral to 5k off exalted!

Some days when i decide to go and do my dailys there are loads of people there, but recently I decided to get as much done as i can before work! This morning i did 3 dailys and managed to find 7 netherwing eggs!!!

The island was deserted, the mines were deserted! So I've left Firelight parked on the island so when i log in i can finish the quests i have to do, and i should finish off for the evening only needing 3/4k rep!

All things considered this is easily the quickest I've ever gotten to exalted with a faction in game!
If we don't raid tonight I'm just going to spend as much of the evening farming eggs, killing mobs and farming ore! I get some lovely blue quality gems occasionally from the ores!!

OH!!! I almost forgot to mention!

After we killed Karathress i picked up the quest from Olum that was caged next to karathress. He sent me to the wardens cage in Shadowmoon Valley and talk to Akama.

What followed blew me away!! Rather than the normal exchange between NPC's where you have to read everything, this time the dialogue was spoken! Olum and Akama spoke for a few minutes and then an image of Illidan appeared at the end! The music got all cool as well!! oh it was just fantastic!!

So if i make exalted with Netherwing this weekend I'll get to meet Illidan twice in one week!

The top raid group on our server, Unity, started in Black Temple this week! Took down the first 2 bosses! I can almost smell the air in Black Temple!! We're so close!!

It would also be nice to have a stab at either of the world bosses in Outland! But not sure we have the man power required!