Friday, 11 January 2008

Small Update...

Didn't play much WoW last night, was grinding my rep with the girlfriend due to a lot of raiding lately!!

Needless to say I think i managed to hit revered again last night!!

Anyway before i hit the sack, i popped on to WoW to check my auctions and i /who Rage to see what was going on.

Hmm most of the guild were in Shattrath. I whispered my mate and asked him what had happened in SSC...

He said they had 7 tries on Vashj and couldn't get past phase 1. This really surprised me as on the 6/7 attempts we'd had on the night before Phase 1 was over very quickly!!! :(

Guess they were missing that little bit of Pally Power!!! ;-)

I'm in for tonight's raid, but we're going to the Eye, so i imagine Void Reaver, then the leadership have asked us to brush up on Solarian. From what I've read he's not overly hard - just watch out for when you're the bomb. I've not been able to read much though as all the wow sites are lock out to me at work! Boo! Hissss!!!!

Those crazy guys over at Blizzard have started a Podcast!!

Go check it out!

Lots of new info about 2.4!

I cant wait to be able to do 25 daily quests in a day!