Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Lady Vashj - First Thoughts

Hey Peeps! Hope you all had a good weekend!

So Friday night the raid was cancelled due to a lot of cancellations sadly, so we didn't get to try Lady Vashj. So I ended up boosting my mates shaman through Sunken Temple.

Didn't really do very much else over the weekend till Sunday night. I've been doing quests on my warlock when I've got time to spare between doing other things. So he's almost 47. I need to spend some time on him really - wanna get him to outland asap!! I also need to get his herbalism up to his level as well. His skinning is at 225. He's questing in Hinterlands at the moment which can be a little interesting at times as he's about 2/3 levels too low i think!

Anyway I've just been grinding my dailys and i did a little mob killing with gwindle in Shadowmoon Valley over the weekend which always nets plenty of cash. Got a nice blue pattern for some pvp bracers for casters. Not been able to sell it as yet, even though I've seen them go for 200-250g in the past. I'm sure they'll sell soon enough!

So Sunday night we hit Gruuls, Mags and Void Reaver!

I was super happy as out resident enhancement shaman was back raiding again!

O H! M Y! G O D!

Our Main tank was PvP DPS spec for the weekend, so peoples alts and my druid Gwindle got a run as usual in gruuls. I then switched to Firelight for Mags and Voidy.

Seriously its incredible how much of a difference my dps can be with a shaman in the group! And even more so for the Warrior!

Melee were top 3 dps for maggs/void reaver

1 - Warrior

2 - Rogue

3 - Firelight! (ding ding ding JACKPOT!)

Casters couldn't touch us!! It was mental! I loved it!!

Voidy dropped 2 t5 shoulders and I think people were more than a little shocked at how much dkp was spent!

A priest spent 600 dkp, and a shaman 550! Ouch!

But it put my dkp up a bit!! up to 898 now!! hehe!

It just seems my luck that nothing ever seems to drop that i can spend my dkp on! Maybe this week after the reset I'll get my loot!!!

Man I'm such a loot whore!

Yesterday I did heroic Steamvault for the last bit of rep required for exalted with C.E.

Was quite fun! Went in with 3 other guildies and a friend of one of the guildies.

We had:

Ret-Paladin (me!)

Feral Druid (tank)


Resto Druid (healer)

Mage (full frost spec)

We cleared the whole instance with no wipes! We were rather surprised to say the least! We almost wiped on the first boss as the healer was cycloned by the boss, then she decided to pop her lightning cloud over the top of her as well! then I died, but was soulstoned, so I res'd and managed to heal the tank while we quickly finished her off! Was rather exciting! I got 3 heroic badges, and made exalted on the last boss!

The darkmoon faire came to Mulgore a day early yesterday as well! So I spent a bit of time down there, and managed to snag about 5 or 6 rare gems and a load of nice leather and herbs! Including 2 fel lotus which i made into Flasks for raiding as 1 fel lotus goes for 30g at the moment!!

So I managed to make some last minute money and just before the raid started I popped to get my Cenarion War Hippogryph!!

I now have all 4 of the flying mounts that you can get in outland without relying on some drop! And I managed to get them all within less than 2 weeks!!

Its amazing how much gold you can make once you get your training really!

Lets break it down!

Flight Training - 5000g

Purple War Griffon - 200g

Borrowed gold for training - 1200g

Purple Nether Ray - 160g

Cenarion War Hippogryph - 1600g

So I've made nearly 3000g since I started the netherwing quests!

I paid back my friend in 3 or 4 days! The money piles in!! It really does!

Anyway so last night we went to do some tries on Vashj.

Loved the bridge opening! How cool does that look!

We had 5 tries in total on her and managed to get her down to the 2nd tainted core used.
Its a very confusing fight at first, as melee after the 1st phase is over I was asked to deal with elementals. The first 2 or 3 tries barely any elementals came where I was assigned to stand I felt really helpless as the rest of the group were wiped out.

I hate the lift at the start of SSC. HATE IT!!

On the 4th attempt we had to corpse run back into the instance and I entered the place and ran onto the lift! Sadly the lift decided it wasn't there when I clearly saw it a moment before!
I popped my bubble which ran out before I hit the bottom. SPLAT!

I landed on the lift again. as my corpse was sent back up the lift one of the priests res'd me I accepted the res and started falling again!!


I had enough time to open my bags and take off my mace, and two bits of armour before I hit the ground again! THUD! Managed to save myself 3% durability during the drop! LOL!

That seemed to lighten every ones mood which was needed as countless wiping is a pain in the butt!

It was embarrassing but funny! worth the repair bill :P

No raid for me tonight - need a breather before we start SSC Again tomorrow. Its just ZA Tonight I think anyway.