Thursday, 24 January 2008

SSE Sadness...and Madness...

Morning Peeps.

I'm a little low today :(

We did really well last night in SSC all bosses to Karathress 1 shotted, but we needed 2 restarts on Karathress due to unlucky pulls. But we hot him down in the end.

I spent most of the time switching gear around to see what sort of damage changes i could make by using my tier 4/5 gear. General consensus was that my warrior gear is way better for me. I just have to watch my Mana. But as long as we have judgement of wisdom on the mob its not a problem really. I think I used maybe 2 mana potions last night and that was on the karathress fight due to no judgement of wisdom on the bosses.

Leotheras didn't drop the trinket.

Karathress did however drop the paladin legs. This was the last item i wanted from the bosses we have on farm in there since I've decided not to go for the mace he drops.

I was out bid by a fellow paladin for the legs at 825 DKP. He only had 24 dkp more than me.

So no loot again for me from SSC. I think tonight we'll take morogrim in SSC, and then go to TK:The Eye after.