Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Just a quickie...

Morning peeps!!

I need any level 70 druids to go try something for me.....

Last night 3 of us went to Onyxia to try and kill her.

Druid tank and 2 Paladins.

1 tank, 1 healer, 1 dps.

Phase 1 was easy - she was hitting like a girl.

Then we got her to phase 2, she flew up into the air and we started killing the whelps.

"Onyxia takes a huge breath"

"oh...that hurt..."

So we all corpse run back to the cave, summon in another paladin healer and re-enter. Seriously the trash mobs in there hit harder than Onyxia.

Anyway we buff up and our druid goes into cat form and stealth's around her and gets ready to pounce.

"OK guys lets go!" I shouted and we four brave souls once again entered the jaws of death.

"WTF?!?!?" We all cried as we watched Onyxia start running around the cave totally ignoring the 4 of us as we continued to hit her.

This continued for 10 minutes or so, she just kept wondering around while we kept hitting her.
At about 80% she started moving out of the area where she sleeps.


The four of us were hit for 22-25k

"Oh I forgot to mention that!!" Said the druid, "If you try to kite her out of the area she wipes the raid"

"Darn it.."

So we ran back in for another go...figure we'd see if she'd bug again like that.

Druid stealthed in behind her and off she went on her merry way, completely ignoring us.

This time she wondered into the egg area....damn... what we gonna do now?

She backed herself up against a wall in there and wouldn't come out. We tried going in there after her but the whelps respawn really fast so this was a no go...

Time was running out before people had to go to the raid but we figured if we had some ranged dps with us we could nuke her down even if she was hiding in the whelp bit...

So we're gonna go back there tonight to see if we can pull it off again...we'll get her down though!! Just it might take a while.