Wednesday, 2 January 2008

New Years Resolutions for 2008

Well inspired by Galo's last blog I've decided to do a run down of what I hope to achieve for my Warcrafting this year.

I'm going to break this down to toons to make life easier, and give each of them a top 5 things to get done! (in no particular order)


1 - Get to Exalted with all factions possible.(Both TBC and Pre-TBC)
2 - See the Black Temple as a Retribution Paladin.
3 - Get Netherwing Mount.
4 - Get Cenarion Expedition Mount.
5 - Clear out all the unwanted crap from my bank that i don't use!


1 - Get full Tier 4(i can dream!)
2 - Get Epic Flight Training
3 - Get Epic Flight Form!
4 - Get to Exalted with as many factions as possible.
5 - Decide what spec i should be.

Other Alts:
Starslayer - Get to 70.
Poobah - Decide if I'm going to delete this guy or not.

2007 - A Review.

January 2007

New Dawn, the raid group Firelight was in decides to stop raiding due to imminent release of The Burning Crusade. Firelight at this time was holy and was always top of the healing charts in raids. My pre-tbc end-game content had only got as far as Molten Core 33% clear, ZG 90% Clear, and AQ20 10% Clear.

Feb-Mar 2007 - The Burning Crusade

When TBC was release I was in a nice friendly guild and i found a leveling partner in a mage called Namaskaar! She and i leveled to 70 in just under 12 days RL time. This was also the first time in Firelights history that I spec'd retribution and i fell in love. having leveled 1-60 Holy i didn't know what it was like to truly do dps as a paladin.

Firelight also moved guilds and Joined Divinity - a well respected raiding guild from pre-TBC. I was only in the guild for a couple of weeks before there was a leadership crisis and the guild split in two.
Not having been there for very long i decided to join the guild leavers and we created a new guild called Nemesis. Most of Nemesis were English or Dutch and we all got on really well. We even met up in RL a couple of times.

April-June 2007

I started to get bored of Firelight. Finding groups as retribution was very hard. During my 60-70 I'd gathered a **LOT** of gear. Healing/DPS and Tanking.

So I decided to go Prot. My Gear was ok for normal instances and things were exciting again for a short time. Tanking was something i was quite scared off and had never had a lot of experience of before and the pressure you feel know that 4 other people were counting on you not to mess things up so that the team could complete whatever instance/group quest they were on.

In the mean time I'd started leveling Gwindle again. During my 60-70 she was sat in the early 40's and had become my banker. I got her to 70 in only 16 days /played time! At 50 i respec'd her to boomkin and never looked back.

Nemesis has started to look into go to Karazhan. Firelight was now in a good position to tank Kara, as off tank and did so twice i think.

July-August 2007

Nemesis had progressed to Opera and had started working on the curator. Gwindle had become my main, Firelight was more or less retired. I just didn't feel like playing on him any more. I just missed retribution too much.

Nemesis had slowly started to fall apart. Sadly our friendship that we had created just didn't seem to be enough to keep people playing the Game. Lord of the Rings had come out and people were trying that and a few other core players quit all together.

It was late August when Gwindle was approached by an old friend of mine to join his guild, Thunderblades, to raid kara on a more frequent time frame.

I kept firelight in Nemesis, but this was the beginning of the end for Nemesis. The remaining 70's either went on a long break(only returning in the last couple of weeks) or quit and never came back.

Fire was still in there, but with only 5-6 regular players left all we did was sit in Team Speak and do instance runs for alts all the time.

September 2007

I was doing an instance with Gwindle or a daily, i forget, but was on TeamSpeak with my Nemesis guildies and one of them said "LOL! Someone is trying to recruit a Retribution Paladin!"

I almost wet myself! I immediately logged over to Firelight and got in contact with Slit, the GM of Rage.

He inspected my gear, and was impressed. I was immediately invited into Rage.

October 2007

Having been in Rage a few days i decided to do a lot of research into what i needed to do to better myself.

I started looking through pages and pages of google search results until i found my way onto Blessing Of Kings. I read a lot of Rohans posts and decided to send him an email asking for some help!

He replied and the rest is history!!

I started my blog on the 22nd and I've not looked back since!

Gwindle was inevitably forced to switch guilds to Rage, which i was quite sad about at first as I'd really come to enjoy working with Thunderblades, the GM and Raid leader were really good guys and fun to play with!

Since then As you already know I've become a very valuable member of the raid team, i now consider myself in a full DPS and support role as apposed to just someone the raid group was taking along only for buffs.

I'm really pleased about Firelight progression over the past 3-4 months and i have a lot be thankful for.

Everyone who gave me help by replying to Rohans post and people who have given me help replying to my blog posts.

I don't know where I'd be right now if it had not been for you guys!

Thank You All!