Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Zul'Aman - Bored Already...

Good Morning Peeps!

Last night we went to Zul'Aman, a small group gathered and we entered the instance.
Bear went down in the time, and we missed out the eagle timed bit by maybe 20 seconds or something which was a real pain!

So we went onto the Lynx and took him down on the 2nd go after the tanks engaged him too close to the doors and there were line of sight issues with the healers.

We called it a night there, as it was quite late due to the start being delayed by nearly 1 hour.
It occurred to me that there really was no point in us doing these same 3/4 bosses over and over again.

We just don't progress through the whole instance as ZA is only scheduled one night a week. This really gives me a severe lack of motivation towards the instance.

Don't get me wrong the loot on some of these guys in here is pretty sweet, the instance itself is fun, but knowing that we'll probably not get past the 5th boss is just disappointing to me!

The 2h Sword the last boss drops is lovely! But unless we can clear the whole place in 1 night i don't see myself getting close to clearing it.

To be perfectly honest I'd rather do a full Kara clear in 1 night but I missed out this week.

Oh well...

Anyway 2.3.2 is downloaded and ready to go! I'm rather interested to see how the 2 small differences to Crusader Strike, and Sanctified Seals is going to affect my raiding.

Crusader Strike is now going to give only 110% weapon damage, with no bonus for spell damage (previously 40% Holy Spell Damage)

This is going to be a nice buff for me i think as i don't think 40% of 72 Spell damage is a huge amount of damage, but 10% of weapon damage is a LOT!

Also an extra 30% more mana back from judgements - that's really nice! should last a lot longer now before i have to chug pots!!

Guess I'll find out tonight as we re-enter Serpent Shrine Cavern! I think after the tries we had on Vashj it was clear we need a bit more DPS - so gear is of the essence! A few more nice upgrades for the guild, a bit more T5 maybe even the 3 upgrades I'm after in there!! GRR!!!
I imagine we'll do Hydross, Lurker, and Leotheras.

If we manage to 1 shot them (which we can do, but sometimes get stuck on Leo) then we'll move onto Karathress.

At least i hope that's what happens.

Unity the number 1 raid group on the server are able to clear The Eye, and SSC in 2 Nights...this is amazing! I cant wait till we can do this!!

Our Time Will Come....