Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Arena Ownage!

Hey Peeps!

No raiding last night, but our pvp team did our matches last night and we did very well.

We went up nearly 150 rating last night in 12 matches!

10 wins 2 losses.

Not bad eh!

This morning after 2.3.3 was quickly downloaded and installed i logged Firelight who I'd parked in Area 52 and ran to the arena vendor...

I stood there for 10 minutes looking at my gear, and thinking what to do...

And what conclusion did i come up with?

I decided that i cant really use any of the s3 stuff apart from the gloves for Raiding. Oh apart from maybe the weapon if we get a high enough rating.

So I'm going to have more armour in my bags! /rolleyes

I think I'm going to bank my tanking/healing gear well maybe just my healing gear as sometimes i might have to off but sometimes i have to off heal in 5-mans as well!! gaah!!!

So anyway i picked the Season 3 Helm. This will boost my Resiliance quite a bit for our PvP matches. I cant remember how much, but it was sat at 108 last night, so i imagine it'll be close to 150 or something.

Just need to put a nice meta gem and strength gem in it and we're set!

It has far too little hit rating for PvE use.

We're going to SSC tonight i think - Hopefully for a full clear with only Vashj left.

Hope the trinket drops!!