Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Tempest Keep 0 - Rage 3

Morning Peeps!

Small Warlock Update Follows...stay tuned for our regular program....

As soon as I got home last night i logged my warlock and quickly handing in the quest to get my Infernal!!

/use Hearthstone

I ran to Goldshire as quickly as my little horsey's legs would take me, picking up some infernal stones on the way.

Bwaahahahahahaa, i thought to myself as i rode down there. Fingers crossed that it was busy.

Damn! It wasn't so busy, but still worth a shot. I summoned the bugger which looked pretty cool.

I dismissed him and he immediately starting slapping me in the face! Ouch! What the hell i let him kill me! Then I watched as he started picking off the lowbies. 6 in total went down before a level 70 druid killed him. I was in stitches!! Call me juvenile, but i thought it was funny as hell.

So back to Paladin news!!

Last night entered Tempest Keep.

We cleared the trash to Solarian First and one shot her. Which was just brilliant. Only the 2nd time for the guild to be there.

She dropped some lovely legs that i won:

Greaves of the Bloodwarder
Legs Plate
1406 Armor
+49 Strength
+46 Stamina
Red Socket
Yellow Socket
Blue Socket
Socket Bonus: +4 Strength
Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 31.

Now i won these and I wasn't sure if they'd be an upgrade or not.. I cant remember how i socketed them up, but they pushed my unbuffed AP to just under 2000 and my crit up to nearly 32%

But by replacing my Tier 4 Legs I've lost more mana....

Not that i think its going to be a huge problem really for 2 reasons:

1 - In Raids i very rarely run out of mana, with only a couple of exceptions, but i just chug a mana pot and I'm usually ok.

2 - Hopefully tomorrow I'll get the season 3 legs from my arena points.

So we'll see what happens!

We then went on to Void Reaver and 1 shot him.

For some reason in a moment of insanity i started bidding for t5 shoulders.

350 DKP i spent. I thought that i might as well try to get some of the set...

I'm gonna try and run with a proper pally set tomorrow consisting of t4 and t5 and see what sort of damage I'm doing. I think having some more spell damage for command judgements will more than make up for the drop in attack power?

I dunno what to do!!!

So after VR was down we spent 40 minutes re-clearing the trash in a'lars room to then 1 shot him.

This was a major acheivement as the guild had spent the previous evening wiping 5 times on him.

So grats everyone!

No raiding for us tonight but my arena team have to do our matches tonight. We found a new healer last night as ours has been offline with PC problems.