Monday, 14 January 2008

Weekend Blast!

Hey people, hope you all had a good weekend.

Friday Night.

Friday we entered Tempest Keep and took down Void Reaver first time as usual. The raid leader then said "Everyone move to Solarian's doorway before having a 2 min bio"
Ooh! We're going to try a new boss! I'd watched a couple of videos and read tactics, and it all looked pretty straight forward. So we cleared the trash to Solarian which didn't take very long at all.

Tactics were explained and we had our first try at her. We wiped 4 times before people realised that they HAVE to pay attention to the bomb! Each and every wipe was down to a bomb going off and killing everyone in the ranged party.

5th attempt we got her down! It is really easy and we were a bit shocked to be honest.

I'll post a video link to it that's on you tube later.

Saturday Night.

I had been signed up for Karazhan, but the run had been cancelled so i was asked to come to Zul'Aman (read Begged!) The team leader wanted people who knew the instance and that meant me! I was hesitant to go due to the fact that we never seem to go for more than the first 3/4 bosses (and don't get me started on the loot)

So we entered, complete the first time trial, both items were sharded. Typical.
Off to the eagle boss - started him with 10 minutes to spare - down he went. He dropped the following:

Mojo-mender's Mask
Head Mail
731 Armor
+34 Stamina
+38 Intellect
Red Socket
Yellow Socket
Blue Socket
Socket Bonus: 2 mana per 5 sec.
Equip: Increases healing done by up to 99 and damage done by up to 33 for all magical spells and effects.
Equip: Restores 9 mana per 5 sec.

Then we opened the time trial chest and i nearly fainted!

I gasped very loudly over vent when the dropped item was linked:

Two-Hand Axe
358-537 Damage Speed 3.6
(125.3 Damage per second)
+39 Agility
+58 Stamina
Red Socket
Blue Socket
Equip: Increases attack power by 94.

Woweee!! I nearly wet myself when i saw this! Obviously this was quite a substantial upgrade for me!

Plus general consensus is that this was an Alliance first time drop.

I grabbed it up quick and was eager to go get it gem'd and enchanted, but we pressed on to the lynx boss.

He also dropped a nice upgrade for me (although i'm not sure so much about this one)

Skullshatter Warboots
Feet Plate
1105 armor
+30 Strength
+37 Stamina
Red Socket
Blue Socket
Socket bonus: +2 Critical Strike Rating.
Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 29.

My current boots are:

Ironstriders of Urgency
Feet Plate
997 Armor
+33 Strength
+20 Agility
+28 Stamina
Red Socket
Yellow Socket
Socket Bonus: +3 Strength

Both have +12 Agility enchanted on them (the new ones will have when i can find someone to do it) And I'm not sure which is better...
With both the axe and boots equiped I've lost a bit of strength and AP, but gained a fair bit of Crit. I'll post exact figures later if I remember.

So all in all a pretty sweet run so far.

We had issues on the firehawk boss as we had 2 new people in the group, and the tank kept getting confused as to where he should be tanking the boss so the raid leader got cross and called the raid after the 5th reset/wipe.

Sunday Night

I was determined to do some old school stuff last night, and it didn't take long to get 4 other people with me to open up a can of whoop ass on Hakkar and his smelly priests in Zul'Gurrub!
Its been a long time since any of us had been here, in fact i was the only person who HAD been there since TBC was released. So much fun was to be had. Trash fell down quick as we made our way to the first (bat) boss. At one point i commented on the fact it had taken us little under 10 mins to clear the trash to the first boss with 5 men, when it would have taken us 30 mins with 20 back when we were 60.

Group consisted of Me, a DPS Warrior, a Holy paladin, a feral druid and a level 62 alt shadow priest. So 4x 70's and 1x 62.

I mean even i was amazed that this sort of team could cut up the bosses in this place. So first boss went down and wow 40g split 5 ways = lots of moolah!!

After that we moved to Spider boss, and a 70 fire mage joined us.

The warrior had suddenly remembered a really nice head enchant you could get from ZG and got really lucky with drops and managed to get it from his very first ever visit to ZG. (warrior tanks should look it up! its a really nice enchant! +10 stam +10 defence, and +10 dodge iirc)

We took down Spider, Bat, Tiger, Fish and Mandokir bosses before people had to go and prepare for the gruul/maggy raid.

The only boss we had problems on was the Tiger. In the strategy you have to drop both mini bosses down to 20/30% health and the main boss before nuking them down in 20 seconds before they start resing each other. After the first reset - we made some changes and got him down.

The rest of the evening i was pretty bored, but took some amusement in watching a guild trying to take Doom Lord Kazzak.

It really is hard work doing him. Not that he's hard, but once you get started you need to 1 shot him really fast before you have horde/alliance noobs trying to mess things up. plus anyone at all can come watch.

So a fun weekend was had and i returned to ZG for some old-time action.

Hope all of you were able to have a fun weekend as well.