Monday, 28 January 2008

Old World Fun'n'Games.

Greetings folks!

I trust you all had a good weekend?

Had quite a bit of fun over the weekend so lets start at the beginning...

Friday Night.

The raid group gathered at SSC for some tries on Lady Vashj. We finally were getting our act together in sorting out the cores and got her to the 3rd phase but there were too many dead to do anything about it.

So that was the end of the evening's raiding fun. I then jumped to IF and respec'd to my pvp build.


Didn't really do much, just a fair bit of PVP - did some pre-made AB's, EOTS, and WSG. Which was really good fun! Our Raid leader and main tank has a 1900 arena team and he's awesome at co-ordinating teams.


Got a rag-tag group of 14 people for a run to Blackwing lair - had 3 attempts on the first boss and then lost a few people. So we went onto Onyxia!

7 men! We got her down in 1 go. Nice work chaps.

I had taken Gwindle as we needed a healer and she was better at healing than firelight.

She got the t2 helm which i was really excited about and each of us got just over 25g.

We then went to Azshara to see if we could find Azeregos (spell check please!)

Wow that's a long fight....really easy though, but looooooong.

Another 30g each as we'd lost 1 person. I got a really nice pattern for a spell damage sword for 59's. Not sure its worth anything, maybe 500-600g maybe as its epic and a really nice item. But i might just learn it on Firelight and maybe get it crafted and try to sell the end item - probably make more money that way. But with it being a level 59 item I'm not sure if it'd be replaced in seconds in outland...

Then in the evening we got a rough group of alts and mains for an embarrassing run into grulls.

We got High King down, but gruul showed us who was boss and we called it after the 4th wipe.