Thursday, 10 January 2008

The Most Amazing Night of Raiding Ever!

Good Morning Everyone! (this was supposed to be posted this morning, but work's Internet was down all day *cries*)

entered Serpentshrine Cavern with 1 thing in mind last night...

Clear 3 Bosses.

Our Goal was clear. Hydross, Lurker, Leotheras had to be taken down.

So we all entered - raid started at 8.25pm server time.

Cleared to Hydross - 1 Shot him!
Cleared to Lurker - 1 Shot him!
Cleared to Leotheras - 1 Shot him!

Whats that? Its only taken us just under 2 hours? Press on? OK!

Cleared to Karathress - 1 Shot him!

Hey! That only took 30 minutes! Press on!!

Cleared to Morogrim - 2 Shot him! (We were unlucky with him at the very start and re-started him after only 1 minute of fighting so technically we 1 shot him!!! :P)


5 Serpentshrine bosses down in 3 and a half hours!

I'm still stunned! Everyone was! The raid leaders even gave us a bonus dkp!

So Leotheras and Karathress were there usual Tight non-loot giving selves and didn't stump up with either of the items i was after!

You'd like to think that with 3 items of loot on the list of things i'm after from that sodding place I'd get at least 1 bit!! But NOOOOO. Not 1 thing from the pair of them! B*ST*RDS!!!

But i did walk away with the consolation prize!

Morogrim dropped a nice new shiny cape for me!

Razor-Scale Battlecloak
Back 108 Armor
+33 Strength
+23 Agility
+22 Stamina

And i immediately got myself a +12 agility enchant on there!

My unbuffed Crit is now over 30% Which is nice!

And we all know that more crit = more damage!

I'll update my full unbuffed Stats tonight!

One thing i noticed last night as well was a few times during the fighting i was able to get over 5000 Attack Power!!

Hydross doesn't like it when paladins have over 5000 AP! Even though i was no where near the top of the threat list when he was at 12% i hit around 5200AP and he turned around 1 shot me! I have no idea why!!

So all in all a pretty awesome evening for the guild!!

Vashj tonight then! We've been talking alot about handling the cores and maybe we'll be able to get to the next phase after all 4 cores are in.

Oh!!! And before i forget!!

2.3.2! They buffed our buff!!!

Paladins were due to get Crusader Strike changed from Weapon damage +40% spell damage to 110% weapon damage, but I was totally shocked when I logged and looked at the tool tip it was 115%-116% Weapon Damage!!! Woohoo!!

And boy did it make a difference! Having virtually no Spell damage gear in my main DPS set i saw a big jump in crits from CS. Unbuffed i'm getting 1.5-1.8k CS Crits!

I need to find some way of recording my dps so i can show you guys!

Can anyone suggest anything?