Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Guild Noob of the Month!

Morning peeps!

Logged on last night to find that someone was trying to finish a run to kara where only the last 2 bosses were needed. Well no-one was interested as most of the group who had gone weren't online so we decided to do a full clear.

Wasn't interested in any loot, just wanted badges.

It was a bit disorganised as we were only there for fun so we had a laugh a long the way.

Maiden did something funny when we took her down. The tanks ran in and started the encounter and i cast Seal of the Crusader. Maiden immediately ran over and 2 shot me! SPLAT!
What the hell? Everyone was like "Huh? what did you do!!" I couldn't explain it!! and its not the first time I've grabbed aggro with SotC either....Anyone else experienced this? some sort of bug?

I bet you're wondering about the title of my blog today...well let me explain...

Since i got trollbane from ZA on friday night I've been trying to get the last 7 points I needed to max my axe skill.

Now from looking at the skills page it had been sat at 343 since friday! and had not moved 1 point in 5 days, or about 1000 mobs probably. So just after Curator was downed i was talking about they guys about this, and they said things like "you need more intellect gear" so i did some killing in my healing gear which gave me like 10k mana, and it still wasn't moving. I had thought it may be to do with my hit rating being too far. Then when i was just about to write a note to a GM one of the guys said:

"Hey you're not looking at 1h skill are you?"



Much laughter ensued over vent and one of the officers changed the guild message to "Guild Noob of the month: Firelight"

I was so embarrassed!! What a noobish thing to do!!!

Needless to say my 2h Axe skill was maxed.

So we get Shade of Aran down, and a few people log their mains, I logged gwindle on the hope that i might either get the t4 helm from prince or that really nice spell damage dagger he drops.

So we cleared Netherspite, then Chess, then made our way to Prince.

Oh my god the funniest thing ever happened!! (no not as funny as me not being able to read what skill i was leveling apparently when i asked to change the guild message!!)

Our druid tank pulled Prince. He ran over and one shotted the tank!

We were all like WTF!!!!!


"LOL!!! Senias was in elf form when he pulled!!"

OMG! Hilarious!

We reset and tried again, at about 30% the tank DC'd and we wiped again.

Ok so the tank was gone, he didn't come back...what were we going to do...

We had the guilds Main warrior tank with us but he was dps spec.

He slapped on his tanking gear and everyone was like "oh i dunno if a dps warrior can tank prince"

I said "Come ON! he's in 3x t5, and 2x t4 and has ssc/tk tanking gear! He's almost got more HP than the Prince!!!"

So we just needed to watch our aggro at the start and we'd be fine. It was a slow fight but we got him down.

Prince tanked and spanked by a dps warrior with 1 person missing. Imba.

So the dude was looted and t4 helm dropped for gwindle (yay!)

So 7 badges for Gwindle, and 15 for Firelight. I didn't check to see if he had enough for anything nice from badges loot. I'll do that tonight.

But a really fun night was had by all.