Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year 2008 Everyone!!

I hope all near and far have had a good couple of weeks holiday!

I had a relatively quiet New years Eve Dog sitting my sisters puppy and house! So a quiet night in watching crappy TV and eating take-away Chinese food!

My sister also plays WoW so I was able to logon briefly the 2 days I was round her place just to complete a few of my Netherwing Dailys.

So I'm now about 8000/21000 into revered with Netherwing which is pretty cool actually! I've breezed through Neutral/friendly/honored really fast and done all the quests that were required.

OMG that quest to use the "alien like" thingamy to "kill" the 73 Elite in Nagrand was a real pain the behind! Took me about 8 attempts to figure out what I had to do and cost me a lot of gold! And the rewards were poop! some crappy green tanking helm! Vendor Trash!

Netherwing Eggs appear to be the bane of my life at the moment. I like to try and find at least 3 or 4 a day when I'm doing my daily quests to give me at least an extra 1000 rep. At the moment I'm able to rack up about 3-4000 rep a day just doing dailys and finding some eggs.

Blizzard seems to like to tease people by putting the eggs near elites as well! Meaning I have to do a lot of naked (down to just my illidari tabard) egg ninja'ing!!

The only one I've not managed to get hold of is the one that spawns on the peir that the netherwing transporters take off from. no matter how I try to get the egg I just cant seem to do anything about the elites and end up dead or just manage to run away from the buggers!
Speaking of the transporters, I've found an "island" that they fly past close enough for me to judge-pull them to me so I can kill them, but it only takes some other dude sat in front of the pier to snag em off me.

That's another annoying thing! I'll spot an egg in the mines and start fighting my way to the egg and some horde bastard strolls up and steals the egg!! being on an RP server I cant attack him or stop him, So I do the nice thing and follow him around to see what he does if he's doing some AOE type pulling I wait till he's AOE'ing, round up a few mobs more than he can handle, walk into his aoe area and bubble up! Bwaahahahahaa!!! That'll teach em!!!

So I'm hoping that I'll reach exalted with Netherwing by the weekend if I get the time. Our guild starts raiding again after the break for Christmas. So it may be over the weekend I manage it.
I guess it all comes down to how many eggs I manage to find! Getting up early in the morning seems to be more helpful with regards to finding eggs.

I've also been started the racing quests. OMG Mulverick is a complete git!! If anyone has any tips on how to beat this mofo I would be greatly appreciative!!

I enjoyed doing the others till now, but this guy is a real pain in the butt!! I imagine the last guy isn't going to be a walk in the park either. I've heard he's got 310% speed mount. While being a paladin I have an advantage as I have +20% I'm not really sure what to expect, especially if he's shooting at me as well!!

The races I also do naked so as not to incur more death charges!!!

Its been a fun run to revered so far, but as usual getting through revered is always a long haul - no matter how many instance runs you do, or daily quests.

My Goals for the forthcoming weeks are as follows:

Make Exalted with netherwing - Get Netherdrake!
Make Exalted with Cenarion Expedition - Get Epic Hippogriff Mount
Get 142 Hit Rating and respec.

Speaking of respecing, I respec'd prot to help out with a heroic instance, and managed to make exalted with Honor Hold (Heroic Ramparts for daily heroic) So after the instance I thought I'd try some AOE grinding in netherwing. Maybe I'm missing something..but pulling 6/7 mobs and consecrating all the time just seemed to drain my mana really fast and I'd end up dead or almost dead? what am I doing wrong? So I headed back to Ironforge and respec'd back to Ret and decided to make a small change to my build.

I dropped 3 points in Blessing of Might, and picked up Vindication (-15 all stats to a mob) This should give me and the raid some more dps which is always nice!

We'll see if it makes a huge difference tonight I guess!!

Anyway that'll do for today!