Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Firelight = Legendary?

Hey Peeps!

Last night my guildies downed A'lar in Tempest Keep!! Guild First!

Sadly I wasn't there so spent the time leveling my Warlock for a bit, giving some advice to a retribution paladin alt in the guild, and doing a 2 man run to BRD to get some Black Iron Bars made up, and crafting a 2h Mace for the paladin.

Something really strange has been happening to me lately whenever I've been logged on as Firelight I get whispers from a lot of people (read paladins) asking for advice, or stats. Now this if fair enough. I mean I'm really highly geared and I've done a lot of research into my spec.

Now this is where thing get a little odd. Last night i was outside the Aldor bank in Shattrath and i got a whisper from a mage just saying "Wow! Grats man!" I was like huh? what? he replied to me saying "Well a retribution paladin that raids SSC and the Eye!"

We then had a conversation - he'd recently transferred over from another server etc etc he introduced me to another ret-paladin who had full vengeful/merciless/gladiator arena gear and knew her stuff.

While we were stood there a holy paladin ran past, stopped and walked back and said:

"Yes?" i replied. (Bare in mind I'd never seen this guy before in my life!!)
"Dude you're a legend! Just look at you!!"
"I'm a little flattered but thanks"
"Your raiding status is talked about by all paladins...you're an inspiration to us all!"

I was really flabbergasted really! And its not the first time either. Am i really such a rare commodity?

On the same tact I've been mentoring a ret-paladin the past few weeks has finally managed to secure a place in a guild that have just started SSC. They are about the same level as our guild was 4 months ago when i first joined.

He went with them to SSC last night and from what he was telling me had a horrid time. Firstly he wasn't allowed into the enhancement shamans group, rather he was placed into the group with some healers...??? That sanctity aura was really helping them there...

Then when some nice loot for him dropped he was immediately told by the raid leader that the neck item would go to a hunter as he was better dps than him even though the hunter had an epic item already. I mean ffs!!! He's currently using the Cenarian Expedition tanking neck item! I was so close to whispering the guild master and giving him a piece of my mind.

Retribution Paladins are a Support Class! Yes if we're geared right we can do a serious about of DPS, but we're there to give the raid 4 things:

1 - +3% crit chance to ALL attacks from everyone in the raid.
2 - +2% Damage to all in the paladins Party.
3 - Another Paladin buff for all raid members.
4 - Ability to off tank or off heal if its needed.

These 4 things are invaluable and if you let the paladin gear up he'll start out DPS'ing a lot of the raid group! I know this is a fact because i do this every night i raid.

Anyway enough ranting from me!!