Friday, 1 February 2008

8 Bosses in 2 Evenings...

Hey peeps!

Hope all is well with you on this fine Friday!

Last night entered Serpentshrine Cavern with the goal of clearing to Vashj.

With the usual awesomeness that we display we downed each boss first time, apart from Karathress and Morogrim, each needing a reset very early on in the fight due to a bit of bad luck on the tanks getting 2 chrushing blows close together.

I picked up a healing Libram that no-one wanted from Lurker, and some shoulders that dropped from morogrim that looked like the hunter t5 shoulders (hehe i'm a hunta-din now!) Just for fun more than anything.

Also Karathress dropped x2 T5 Leg tokens.

Finally a good chance to get my legs!!

Ended up paying 600 dkp for them, but thats no problem really cos i wanted them really badly for the extra hit rating.

I think what I'm going to do if I ever get that talisman is use the t5 legs when i'm on bosses, and the other leggings I got from TK on trash.

Tonight we're going to try Vashj if we can get enough dps - when last i looked we were missing a few signups. It doesnt look like its going to happen. But we'll see later!